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How to Stream NFL RedZone Without Cable

How to Stream NFL RedZone Without Cable
How to Stream NFL RedZone Without Cable

NFL Redzone is a dedicated Americal sports TV channel owned and operated by the NFL network. It broadcasts the coverage of all the Sunday afternoon games airing on Fox and CBS.

Multiple cable TV service providers offer NFL Redzone with expensive plans. So why not look for alternative methods to stream NFL Redzone channel. There are many methods to stream NFL Redzone without cable. Let us explore all of them in this post.

Get NFL RedZone by itself

The first way to stream NFL Redzone is to sign up for NLF + Premium. The service would cost you around $15 per month and $80 annually. As NFL Redzone airs programs only for four months. So, you don’t need to take an annual subscription as monthly plans would be cheaper. You can cancel the subscription as the regular season ends.

After subscribing to the NFL + Premium, you can watch the channel by installing the NFL app on Fire stick, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and all Android and iOS devices.

The NFL plus offer you some other benefits as well. It lets you watch any sport live on your phone or tablet. You can also watch the live stream of the game on the NFL channel on any compatible device. In addition, NFL Plus offers you on demand videos from NFL films. The premium tier required to access the NFL Redzone allows you to watch replays of all the regular season games.

Live TV streaming services

The NFL RedZone add-on is available on the majority of live TV streaming services. If you are using a Live TV service, you can check whether they offer the NFL Redzone as an add-on with their plans.  Usually, it will be included as a sports channel in the add-on package for an extra cost. So, you need to pay some extra dollars to add it to your existing entertainment pack.

Here are the prices for each service, including the cost of NFL RedZone:

* Sling TV: $51 per month with Sling Blue and Sports Extra; $70 per month with Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sports Extra.

* YouTube TV: $84 per month with Sports Plus add-on.

* Hulu + Live TV: $80 per month with Sports add-on, increasing to $87 per month on October 12.

* Vidgo: $85 per month in the “Plus” tier.

* DirecTV Stream: $90 per month with Sports Pack add-on.

* FuboTV: $97 per month, including regional sports fees and Sports Plus add-on.

You can select a plan that fits your budget and needs.

Free Streaming Options

How to Stream NFL RedZone Without Cable
How to Stream NFL RedZone Without Cable

There are many people who don’t prefer paying for a subscription to watch sports events. For cord cutters looking for free streaming options, there are many ways to stream NFL Redzone. One of them is sideloading of third party apps. Fire stick does not allow you to install third party apps, but you can do so by changing the settings. Go to Fire stick settings and enable installation from external resources.

The apps you install may not have the license to stream football matches and may be tracked to stream their content. You must install a VPN for your security if you plan to watch NFL Redzone through a third party app. A VPN makes you appear streaming from a foreign country and blocks your ISP and other parties from tracking your location.

NFL Sunday Ticket

If you want to watch all the out-of-market NFL games, you can sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket. YouTube now offers NFL Sunday Ticket as a standalone service, or you can bundle it with YouTube TV. NFL RedZone is an add-on for either option. Here are the prices:

* NFL Sunday Ticket via YouTube: $449, discounted to $399 through September 19.

* NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV: $73 per month for YouTube TV, plus an extra $349 for the season for NFL Sunday Ticket, discounted to $299 though September 19.

NFL RedZone is an addon for $40 for this season in both cases. You can register for any package on the YouTube website. Verizon users can also save money on the NFL Sunday Ticket while some terms and conditions apply.

With the NFL app

If you already have  NFL RedZone as a part of your cable subscription, you can stream it free through the NFL app on phones, tablets, and TV devices. Just sign in with your cable provider credentials, and you are ready to watch the American football league.

Summing Up

If you’re on a budget, NFL+ Premium is the most affordable way to watch NFL RedZone without cable. However, if you want to watch live games on your TV, you’ll need to sign up for a live TV streaming service or NFL Sunday Ticket.

If you’re a big NFL fan and want to watch all the out-of-market games, NFL Sunday Ticket is the best option. However, it’s also the most expensive option. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to enjoy NFL RedZone. It’s the best way to catch all the action on Sunday afternoons.


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