Home Education A Students’ Guide for Binding and Printing a Thesis: The Dos

A Students’ Guide for Binding and Printing a Thesis: The Dos

A Students’ Guide for Binding and Printing a Thesis: The Dos
A Students’ Guide for Binding and Printing a Thesis: The Dos

Preparing a research paper is a mandatory step in higher learning. After spending hours listening to lectures and studying, all students are required to prepare research papers to show their grasp of the knowledge taught in the lecture rooms. Writing a research paper is a hectic process that requires a lot of resources and time. However, the work does not end when you finish preparing the paper. After writing a good research paper, you also have to print it and bind it.

When printing and binding a research paper for the first time, a lot of students usually have the following questions:

  • What should I do about printing and binding my research paper?
  • Where can I get binding and printing services for my research paper?

This post will answer the questions above and give you some helpful tips for binding and printing your research paper.

What should I do about printing and binding my research paper?

If you have had to print and bind your thesis before, then this should not be a problem. However, if this is your first time, you may be unsure where to begin. For this reason, we have prepared content for students that want to print and bind their thesis for the first time.

Printing a thesis paper

Let us begin with the basics you should look into when printing your thesis. Some key elements that you have to consider are:

  • Color – There are two options when it comes to the color of your printed research paper. You can choose between black & white and coloured print. If you want to add some pizazz to your paper, then a colored print would be the perfect option. However, if you want your paper to look serious and professional, then black and white would be perfect. It is worth mentioning that colored prints cost more than black and white.
  • Type of paper – Something else you have to look into is the type of printing paper. The most basic type is the 80 g/m2 paper, which is typically thin and not high-quality. The better alternative is the 100g/m2 paper, which is sturdier and of better quality. Do not allow your print service provider to decide the paper for you because most of them will choose the lower quality so they can increase their profit.
  • Cost – the cost of producing a physical copy of your thesis depends on the type of paper, color, and the quantity of the work. The service provider may also determine the charges. So, the better option would be to get quotations from various providers and consider all the factors before you decide.

Binding a thesis paper

Once you have printed your paper, the next step is binding it. When binding your paper, you make it presentable and easy to handle. Many factors may determine how you bind your paper. For instance, the type of paper. If you are dealing with a dissertation, which includes extensive research, then you will not use the same bind technique as a regular term paper that is quite simpler and smaller.

The weight of the printed paper also determines the type of bind you choose. For instance, a regular term paper weighs less than a thesis or dissertation. So, a sturdier bind method would be preferrable for the latter than the former.

Most of the time, your learning institution will provide clear instruction on how you should bind your paper. So, before you consider any of the information in the section below, you should start by checking the guidelines from your institution.

Methods you can use for binding your final thesis paper

There are numerous approaches for binding your thesis. The section below will describe each method and its suitability:

Leather book binding

A Students’ Guide for Binding and Printing a Thesis: The DosThis is the best quality technique you can use to bind your thesis. It features a solid cover that looks like leather. This technique is sophisticated and gives your paper a classy presentation. You can get creative with this bind technique by adding elements like custom embossing and corner protectors. These elements will also make it look more sophisticative and add to the quality of your presentation. It is appropriate for major final papers such as a research paper, dissertation, or thesis.

Thermal binding

A Students’ Guide for Binding and Printing a Thesis: The DosThis is the most versatile technique. It has a clear front cover and a leather back cover. The back cover can come in any color of your choosing. It is an ideal technique for smaller research papers or a major paper that you have to submit in several smaller print-outs.

Softcover binding

A Students’ Guide for Binding and Printing a Thesis: The DosThis is a creative method that gives you the freedom to choose how your final paper looks. With a softcover bind technique, you can choose different fonts, logos, and images to design your cover. While you have creative freedom, you ought to be careful not to get carried away and clutter your cover with designs. This will prevent it from looking professional.

This technique is ideal for any type of final paper. However, most students in the creative arts departments prefer this method. Also, it may not be ideal for comprehensive papers because of the weight limitations of the softcover.

Spiral binding

A Students’ Guide for Binding and Printing a Thesis: The DosThis is the most affordable, sleek, yet simplest technique. It has a lot of similarities with the thermal technique. For instance, like the thermal technique, this method features a transparent front cover and a leather back cover that can be colored depending on your preference. However, unlike the thermal technique, this method does not use glue.

Instead, spirals are used to hold together the printed pages. However, the spirals may not be able to handle hefty papers. Therefore, this method is ideal for small projects like term papers instead of major final papers like dissertations. There are metal and plastic forms of spiral binds.

The ideal place to bind and print a thesis

After a lot of research, we discovered that online providers are the best place to go to bind and print your thesis paper. With an online provider, you can place your order from anywhere, which saves you time and resources. However, not all online providers are reliable. The online marketplace also features frauds and scammers. So, it would be wise to go for a service provider that stands out from the rest, has a good reputation, and ample experience, like BachelorPrint.

BachelorPrint is an online print and bind shop that offers a variety of options for clients. The provider also offers free shipping for clients, 3D previews of the final product, and high-quality paper and bind techniques. The prices at BachelorPrint are also highly affordable and convenient for all students.

Get High Quality Printing and Binding Services for your Thesis

Writing a major research paper like a thesis is a significant investment. You must invest your time, money, and other resources. So, the last thing you want is to mess up during the final stages before handing in your paper. The tips on this article should help you ensure that everything goes smoothly when you bind and print your final thesis paper.

When it comes to where you should get the services, it is totally up to you to decide if you want to go to a land-based provider or an online store. BachelorPrint, on the other hand, is the place to go if you want high-quality, stress-free, and economical printing and binding services. This user-friendly online store allows you to quickly and easily make your order and finalize your thesis paper.


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