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Video games can improve your life

Video games can improve your life
Video games can improve your life

People are now used to holding their mobile phones and unlocking the home screen almost automatically, even if they do not know exactly what will happen next. The mobile phone, which was once a very powerful means of communication, nowadays seems to have become an invaluable ally for our free time, for all those empty moments when we don’t know what to do, where to look or what to say.

Often, even when we are in the company of other people, pulling out your mobile phone and lowering your eyes to the screen can be a quick and easy way to get out of an awkward situation, or to avoid prolonging an uncomfortably forced conversation. It is a tool so rich in possibilities, in fact, that most people have started to use it unwisely, as a mere filler of empty spaces, without fully appreciating all its immense potential.

Those in search of distraction, amusement or entertainment will certainly be able to count on the multimedia content easily accessible thanks to their smartphones, thus indulging in a few hours of relaxation and pleasure offered by the inexhaustible pool of possibilities provided by these tools.

No one really makes an effort to get the most out of their mobile phone: most people just download the essential applications, those without which they could not live (such as instant messaging systems or social media apps), completely ignoring the fact that among the various downloadable options there are also apps that could immediately improve their life, their work performance, but also the quality of their leisure time.

A universe to explore

A universe to be explored is certainly that of video games: by choosing one or two video games to distract yourself with, or to fill your time with in the idle moments of the day, you will undoubtedly be able to give a completely different shape and tone to your days, avoiding being overwhelmed by boredom and idleness, or by that peculiar kind of listless laziness that pushes you to pull your mobile phone out of your pocket just for the sake of it, or rather, because at that moment you just don’t know what to do.

Scrolling through the list of apps obsessively, without opening any of them, makes no sense at all, and may even exasperate your listlessness even more, distracting you from a more responsible use of your mobile device (more tips here: https://mudita.com/community/blog/15-tips-on-how-to-use-your-mobile-device-responsibly/).

The value of strategy games

The most useful games, from this point of view, are undoubtedly the most complex ones, those in which the game-play does not end in a very short session of play, as is often the case with arcade games, but on the contrary extends indefinitely in time, thus forcing the player to pay full attention and to immerse himself deeply in the game, in the action, thus defeating once and for all that oppressive feeling of boredom that threatened to grip him all day long.

A game like Forge of Empires, which is also available free of charge, is an excellent way to try your hand at an extremely addictive strategy game, which allows each user to manage their own village and to look after its growth, defending it from invasions by other nations and strategically deploying all available resources, thus leading it towards a solid and well-organised development.

This kind of games is not only an innovative way to pass the time, but could also have unquestionably beneficial effects on the strategic spirit of the player, thus also helping him to make certain choices for his personal or professional life. Instead of spending time passively using mobile phones, scrolling through social media boards or watching TV shows, in this way users can fully utilise the power of technology to make concrete improvements in their lives, even with a simple video game.

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Life is far too short to be overcome by boredom: there are plenty of opportunities all around us just waiting to be seized. Sometimes, to find them, you just have to unlock the home screen of your mobile phone and look in the right spot (https://www.thecourierdaily.com/main-benefits-exposing-technology-daily-life/24487/).


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