Bigg Boss 9 Day 41 21 November : clarifications with Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 9 Day 41 21 November : clarifications with Salman Khan

Salman’s entry marked by the song Chal beta selfie le le re.
Afterward, He shows the report card task, where Kieshwar was shown giving stars to contestants on different attributes. she gives one star to Prince and Mandana as Ladaku, besharam, and Kuttey ki dum, while Rimi for being lazy and not performing gets most besharam with three stars. when given Besharam to Rishabh for oversleeping – he went up to the board angrily and removed it. contestants told him to respect the task.
Salman welcomes kanwaljeet his old friend. He childhood photographs of contestants, tells Rochelle she was really cute as a child.

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Everybody calls Rimi as the lest deserving person to stay in the house.
Rimi is called, “salakho k peeche”, Viewers tells her because of her others efforts go wasted during the task. Rimi replies that she is like this, not hard working.
Salman says, “this is her game plan, she is a hard working person”.
he also tells her, ‘even we don’t want to see yu in the house, its just because of the views that you are in the game’.

Salman Khan, 21 NOVEMBER
The star in fun mood today

Rochelle and Salman screw her over presenting women as weak, and sending a wrong message to people, that women should not mess with men.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 41 21 November : clarifications with Salman Khan

Contestants then are seen saying ‘every time Mandana has to perform the task she is mostly ill’. Salman asked if she was feeling better, she said, “NO”, he suggests her to make herself stronger.
then a viewer asked, “if her frustration with Rochelle is Just projection because she was the fool in this game?” when about to justify, Salman cuts her and explains her the whole tasks and told Rochelle not to justify herself to the other one. he rebuked her for trusting Kieshwar whom she called “the villain of the house” over Rochelle. To which everyone declared that “she did become a fool”.

big boss 9, salman khan
salman khan in the Bigg boss 9

Prince is asked if he too would have bitched about kieshwar had she been in the secret room, Prince’s explanation put everybody into laughter.
He congratulated Kieshwar for becoming the captain 2nd time and asked Prince if he feels that, there is a plotting against him not to let him be the captain of the house. Prince says that Suyyash and Kieshwar share a stronger bonding, hence he would want her to win the task by ignoring her mistakes.
Salman condemns contestants that nobody is understanding the rules, and not using the creativity as an artist.
He promogulated Kiesh, Diganagna, and Rishabh safe for this week.
Aman, Mandana or Rimi; one will face the eviction tomorrow.

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Before leaving for the day, Salman introduced Deepika Padukone and she introduces herself as one-day Bigg boss.
she orders the contestants to entertain her, Prince gets so excited that he goes out to spray deodorant.
she tells Mandana and Rishabh to depict the “water tank scene from the movie sholey”, Knawaljeet Singh is told to play ‘mousi’ and begin the “Tamasha”.
with this the Bigg Boss 9 shandaar shanivar comes to an end.

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