A poppy Photoshop fail leaves David Cameron mocked

David Cameron poppy photoshop fail: We can see the extensive use of Photoshop these days.It is a useful tool that can help anyone to alter reality and may turn things in his favor or against.

For the British Prime Minister David Cameron photoshop results went hugely embarrassing as the editing proved out to be a fail accompanied by dislikes from around the globe.

It proved out to be ugly especially because the editing envolved the British PM sticking a badge on his suit which was meant to commemorate the soldier who had died in the war.

David Cameron poppy photoshop fail

Spot the difference: David Cameron's fake poppy attempt
Spot the difference: David Cameron’s fake poppy attempt

It is said that someone from the Prime Minister’s office added an unwanted oversized Remembrance Day poppy to his Facebook’s profile picture. It was a cruel act on the part of the office staff.

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Twitter user Dylan Morris was one of the first person’s to spot the mistake (the oversized remembrance day poppy).

“This was an oversized, unwanted and an embarrassing picture that was taken down quickly,” a spokeswoman at 10 Downing Street told CNN.

The Prime Minister of Britain is one among those men who have accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Accusing him of lacking in patriotism and respect and it was after he had refused to say whether he would be wearing a red poppy for Remembrance Sunday. But is is rightly said what goes around comes back around and same happened with him as his own staff has given him what had been his own reflection. The staff member has yet not been identified.

It has become one of the popular parodies of the British Prime Minister with and overly huge sized RemembranceDay poppy. People are tweeting their anger and mocked him mercilessly and his photo is being used as a  meme which involves his photo photoshopped which Remembrance day poppy all over his suit, garlands of the Rdp around his neck respectively.


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