Can We Use Amazon Music on PS3 and PS4? How to Play Music during Gameplay?

Can We Use Amazon Music on PS3 and PS4? How to Play Music during Gameplay?

Well, Amazon Music is an affordable premium music service with a vast collection of songs worldwide. Some people love hearing their favourite artist while playing games.

Sony PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming consoles that will let gamers enjoy the game. But is it possible for the user to install it on PS3 or PS4?

Can We Use Amazon Music on PS3 and PS4?

To be straightforward, one can not use Amazon Music on the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. But there are other means available to enjoy the soundtracks on the console. It is also unknown that is there any future possibility of getting the feature to use it on the PlayStation.

Now, the PS4 owner has the option to play songs with Sony Music Unlimited or Spotify. Only the PS4 has the feature to play song in the background during gameplay. Let’s find out how to do that.

Can We Use Amazon Music on PS3 and PS4? How to Play Music during Gameplay?

PS4: How to Play Music in Background during Gameplay?

After Sony rolled out the Firmware 2.0 update, the PS4 gamers can enjoy the gaming world with background song play. Here are a few simple steps to get it done:

  • First of all, check which format do you have your songs. The PlayStation only plays AAC and MP3 format. You can find a free audio converter by simple google search.
  • You will need to have a USB drive with FAT32 format.
  • Now, create a folder named “MUSIC” in the USB stick and paste all of your tracks inside it.
  • Here we go, you have to connect the USB drive to PS4 and open the same from the main menu.
  • Play a song of your choice and then go back to the main menu and open a game.
  • As soon as you start a game, the music will turn off. Don’t worry as the game loads, disable the sound from the settings.
  • After the game’s sound is disabled, the song will start playing in the background.

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