American Idol 2016 Winner Prediction: Who will be in Top list of the show?

American Idol 2016 Winner Prediction: There was a lot of competition in the last episode of the show. The participants had performed two times and one was eliminated from the show. At this time, only the five contestants were left for the further competition. We had some prediction on the basis of the previous performance of the top finalists.

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American Idol 2016 Winner Prediction

American Idol 2016 Winner Prediction

One contestant named, La’Porsha Renae as per the prediction is definitely safe on the show than anyone. She was the one who is going awesomely good from the starting of the show and till now performing well on the stage. Your voting poll had revealed much before the grand finale of the show.

American Idol 2016 Winner Prediction

It suggested that two contestants Mackenzie Bourg and Sonika Vaid were in the danger zone and one of the definitely going to be eliminated very soon. Among them, Sonika was slightly on the safer side. She could improve her statistics in the coming episode. This week was safer for her, but she have to work hard for the better future in the show.

What do you expect? Who will be eliminated MacKenzie or Sonika? Sonika had delivered good performances but still anything could happen. It all depends upon the current performances of the top contestants. If they failed to get many votes then their elimination is confirmed.

American Idol 2016 Winner Prediction

Trent Harmon and Dalton Rapattoni were in the middle of the competition. They were much stressed than any other contestants because they were just stuck in between as they don’t anything what would the next voting put them on the list. Both of them were practicing hard for increment in the statistics.

The series finale will be aired on 7th April on FOX. Get ready for the final episode as that’s the only way to know the curious answers of the winner. We all know, winner trophy will be won by only when and all sources were predicted La’Porsha Renae as the safest contestant of the season.

Stay tuned with us for further updates regarding the show and other latest news across the globe. The result will be updated as soon as the declaration of the same has been done.

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