Ariana Grande Body Shamed on Twitter: Called ‘Fat’ After Recent Pic Reveals Weight Gain

Ariana Grande fat
Ariana Grande fat

Ariana Grande, 26-year-old, American singer and songwriter is being body-shamed on Twitter after a recent pic reveals weight gain. Ariana Grande Fat is currently trending on twitter.

Earlier the American pop-star was body-shamed for being too thin. And now the case is reversed.

Twitterati quickly noticed the Ariana Grande’s belly bulge in a recent photo in which she appears to be standing and talking to a co-ordinator of a show. According to Twitter, her belly pops out a little too much that she is regarded as ‘fat’.

The term ‘Ariana Grande fat’ appeared in the autosuggestion when one typed her name in the Twitter search bar.

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Ariana Grande fans are disgusted by the latest trend. They consider she is at a healthy weight, not overweight nor underweight.

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Look at her Ariana Grande’s pic and tell us if you feel that she has gained weight in lockdown.

Ariana Grande Fat Pic

Ariana Grande fat
Ariana Grande fat

Ariana Grande’s body-shaming tweets were slammed by her fans. A person wrote, “Fat or anorexic her fortune is growing.” Read some of the hilarious replies to Ari being called fat.

Ariana Grande’s latest song is ‘Rain On Me’ featuring Lady Gaga. The song has recorded 100+ Million views and over 3.5 M likes. Listen to it below.

There are talks in town that Ari’s upcoming album will release in October 2020. Ariana confirmed so in April this year when a fan tweeted “the new era is gonna be amazing.” To which Ari replied, “take ya time / hurry up.”

Grande’s last album was ‘Thank You Next’ was released in Feb 2019.

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