Banshee Season 4 Episode 6 Watch Online Live: Sinner in Rebecca’s Murder Mystery revealed, Lucas again a man with secrets

Banshee Season 4 Episode 6 Watch Online Live: In the upcoming stream of the episode titled “Only One Way a Dog Fight Ends” of “Banshee” series of Cinemax’s action drama genre, it appears that the culprit of Rebecca’s Murder mystery will be revealed, while Lucas will be projected as Man with secrets.

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Banshee Season 4 Episode 6 Watch Online Live
Banshee Season 4 Episode 6 Watch Online Live

Now as per the Ecumenical News, Dawson will get a hunch that Lucas is keeping something in dark from her as She will observe that Lucas always checks for his car keys every time they go to their hotel room where they are accommodating  together.

Banshee Season 4 Episode 6

In the promo version of episode released, there lies a probability of scene in which a female deputy can be seen informing Kai Proctor that she had seen Carrie. Moreover, Proctor is informed by Calvin that his brother no longer works for the mayor.

The site of Proctor putting the flower on someone’s grave hints that more killings might take place in the upcoming shows. There is also a specific indication that the recent last killing might be done by Job, who is also responsible for dragging a cop to his grave previously.

Spoiler TV theorizes that the major suspects behind Rebecca’s murder are Lucas Hood, Clay Burton, Declan Bode, Aaron Boedicker, Carrie Hopewell, Kai Proctor, Calvin Bunker, Lilith Bode, Suger Bates  and an unknown mysterious member from Brotherhood.

Banshee Season 4 Episode 6 Watch Online Live

Now whether the true culprit of Rebecca’s Murder mystery will be caught or not in the upcoming show, will only be known once the show goes live.

Also, Ivana Miličević portrayed as Character of Anastasia/Carrie in the Banshee series, revealed at the final show-up of what the fans can expect from the last episode.

In an interview with Collider, he spoke – “People feel so passionately about our show. Thinking back to the death threats that the writers got when Siobhan was killed, there will probably be a spectrum of opinions and feelings.”

The last episode is scheduled to go air on May 20, 2016, and seeing the spectrum of series along with the attachment that people hold with the “Banshee” series, the writers and directors are expected to throw at people a satisfying and soothing end.

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