The Best Ever New Year Resolutions 2016

New year resolutions 2016 at its best: As we move towards the end of the year and start the new beginning for the next year almost every one of us comes up like a cork and with ill-fated plans to become better, fitter, slimmer, richer, more organised, more learned people, we try our best to better our lives and we want to start everything fresh. 90 percent of people who make new year’s resolutions never see their ambitions come to fruition. Basically, we want to be happy.

While you are busy face booking and what snapping  pictures and motivational quotes we have some of the best new year resolutions for you.

Time has come to write down your new year resolutions
Time has come to write down your new year resolutions 2016

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New year resolutions 2016

Few of the most common resolutions are:

  1. We will loose weight.
  2. We will quit smoking.
  3. We will save some money.
  4. We will work hard in our offices get promotions at work.
  5. We will redecorate our homes and be organized.
  6. Positive thinking can be fantastic so be more positive, have a more positive attitude, a more positive approach and positive thinking when we have to overcome hurdles in life. Leave and forget negative experiences.
  7. Working hard to full fill dreams and ambitions.
  8. Overcome laziness and be energetic.
  9. Being fit, hitting the gym. The work involved in shaping such a body includes restrictive dieting, hardcore exercise, willpower and deprivation.
  10. Achieving big goals by achieving and accomplishing small goals.
  11. To rise, shine and get admiration for what achieved.
  12. Do not give up easily.
  13. By not being anxious and trying to overcome our fears.
  14. The idea of having power over our situation is helpful when it comes to changing our lives, but it is only the first step.

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New year resolutions 2016
Beginning is always tough but you need to start
  1. Words must be put into action to make a change.
  2. Goals that are actually possible if we are determined.
  3. The sense of failure comes when you have a stereotype of goals being impossible to reach and you loose your body and become underweight, lethargic, and feeling sick for most of the time.
  4. Being aware of the problems you might face when pursuing your goals  and it should do not distract you from your target, or make it any less worthy. It strengthens you and boosts your morale.
  5. Don’t fall victim to the setting of unrealistic expectations.
  6. It is very important for you to tap into your values. Whatever you want to do have a clear idea. For eg. If you want to get fit, think about why. For health reasons? To spend time outdoors? Knowing your underlying motivations will help you stick to your goal when it gets tough, and it will also help you to explore whether there’s another way to achieve what you want.

Best New year resolutions 2016

  1. Changing habits is hard and it requires both consistent efforts and attention. Choose a goal and re-write it every week, use your smartphone as a reminder.
  2. Habits that you have formed throughout years, changing them takes time so be patient.
  3. Always remember trying once and failing makes it easier to try a second time and it is most likely you will succeed.
  4. It is important to plan how your goal will be achieved by breaking it up into small steps and having a timeline for achieving key milestones.
  5. It is important to understand where do we go wrong and where do we fail.
  6. Do a fine research about the steps that are to be involved and how long it will take for you to achieve it, and what the main challenges that you will come across while you achieve your goals.

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Lindsay Spencer- Mathews has worked with hundreds of clients each year trying to understand why do people fail in keeping their resolutions.

We humans are really bad at sticking to goals

-Lindsay Spencer-Matthews(psychologist)

He further adds:

Lasting change involves replacing habitual patterns of thought and entrenched patterns are hard to change

New Year’s resolutions rarely see the end of January

Points to be remembered
Points to be remembered

New year resolutions 2016

  1. Basically, we want to have the knowledge, as if it were a static object, but we don’t want to do the work of claiming it as when it comes to work we are lazy.
  2. People set a plan, typically within three months and half of them fail.
  3. People look for a quick fix and are in search of quick results which however is not possible.
  4. They start it late and as soon they start it becomes harder or, in other words, we can say we’re simply not determined enough.
  5. Extreme impatience is also a cause.
  6. The appealing outcomes of achievement are applauded more than the effort involved.

The TCD team wishes you all a very warm and prosperous NEW YEAR 2016.

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