Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode: The Highway Task On Day 30

Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode Day 30: “Hum hai Rahi Pyaar ke”  (representing the task for the day) was the song the housemates grooved to, early morning on day 30 in the bb9 house, showing their excitement over having completed on month in the house.

Digangana and Rishabh are seen having a word early morning, Rishabh is seen informing Digi that she should not be miss goody anymore and not consider anyone as a friend in the house.their bonding gets noticed by the house members, hence all have a good laugh by teasing Digangna over Rishabh and naming their Jodi as “Digi”. Blushing over Rishabh’s name, she straightforwardly denies having any soft corner for the bad boy of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode

As the day passes, Bigg boss introduces a task named “Highway”. The members got divided into two groups with Mandana, Rochelle, Digangana, Aman and Rishabh in Team A and Team B has Kishwer, Suyyash, Prince, Rimi, and Puneet. The task required a team to try to get the members of the other team off  the cycle rickshaw when they are sitting and paddling through 4 cities.Both the teams would be required to compete with each other after reaching a destination.

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As the Highway task begins Team B, took on the lead to peddle, while Team A tried its best to Irritate them to give up the task.maneuvres such as chilly powder, oil, turmeric, waste garbage was used to disrupt them from doing the task, but the determined  Team B sticks to the rickshaw.

Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode
Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode

the house witnessed many fights throughout the course of the task. Prince, Suyyash, and Aman get into a very heated argument over Aman’s behavior during the task, Who was using and destroying the bigg boss house a result, Rishabh was called to the confession room and told that microphones and any property of the house should not be damaged. it is their responsibility to take care of the assets.

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3:45 as the siren rings  contestants get down the rickshaw to do the activity when they reached their 1st destination: Kochi, they are required to go to activity area where they have to form a human chain and pass on the Fish to the contestant on the other end of the room with only using their mouth. Kochi Challenge was won by team A, hence they got the powers to eliminate one member from Team B, which was Prince Narula.

Then Team B were asked to go back to the rickshaw, eliminated member Prince  stole food to help his team members, as a result he was opposed by the members of other teams. Prince even after being eliminated was a challenge and pain for the other Team.

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Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode
Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode

In the evening at 5:30 when the siren rings: the contestants who have reached destination 2 which is Surat and the activity  they were to perform was the Dhokla eating task, the team  which eats the most Dhoklas would be the winner. the task was done by Suyyash and Mandana, Team B won the Surat task.

Rishabh is seen telling Rimi that, we have understood your game plan. he conveys’s to her that audience is not dumb.Mandana is upset with Rishabh for not supporting her and decides to give up the task.

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10:38 – Team B reached its 3rd destination Jalandhar, which saw a kabaddi match between the two teams, and the match is Won by Suyyash. Team B could succeed in Reaching their last destination : Plassey.

Mandana and Aman are seen telling Digi that, she was not actively taking part in the game, she was somewhere partial towards her friends.

Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode
Bigg Boss 9 10th November 2015 Episode

Full of Hullaballoo the bigg boss 9 day 30 ended with little calm. As the task continues throughout the night, it will be interesting to see what levels of revenge the game reaches in tomorrow’s episode.

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