Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Day 33 Episode: It’s A Splash Day For Suyyash and Rishabh

Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Day 33 Episode; Splashing all the way. Post Diwali celebration was the high-octane morning with “Rang de Basanti’.

10:30 am- Rishabh- current captain of the house, delegates the household chores to housemates. while others agree, the only one do show disagreement as Mandana who was assigned the task of cleaning bedroom and carpet along with Rochelle, saying people would indulge in a fight with them if something goes haywire or missing.

Later in the Morning Bigg Boss announces and asks the interested contestants to come forward to give their name for captaincy, first three contests: Prince, Suyyash and Rochelle reached the confession room in the given order to give their names for this weeks captaincy.

Rochelle In confession room giving her name for captaincy
Rochelle In confession room giving her name for captaincy.

Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Day 33 Episode

2:35 pm- Rishabh is seen discussing, with Kieshwar and Group that Mandana thinks so high of herself that doing household chores is below her standards. she is eschewing from cleaning the carpets. Mandana gives the reason that she has a back pain. while Prince joins in and says, she just want to command others.

Mandana tells Rochelle that she can’t breathe for even 2 minutes. they just keep on telling her to work, as a revolt she removed her mike saying, ‘no matter how much I work they will say I don’t work’.

Mandana refusing Rishabh for work
Mandana refusing Rishabh for work

Rochelle asks Aman’s biggest regret of life, he reverts, that when he was on the roll and climbing the ladders of success nobody was there to guide him, his life would have been completely different had he Married his then girlfriend (2001).

4:00 pm- chocolate chor in the house, Kieshwar enquiries who ate chocolates; 4 pieces were missing. as a result, the whole house gathers and distribute the remaining chocolates amongst each other.

Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Day 33 Episode: Task for captaincy

4:44 pm:  Bigg Boss asks everyone to assemble in the garden area for the captaincy task. where To win the task contenders would dress in white t-shirts, while prince, Suyyash and Rochelle would stand inside a circle others would have to splash paint and color the members they don’t want to win they don’t want to win: through a stick with the sponge dipped in red. each contestant has to save themselves through a shield, Rimi is the “sanchalak” to the task.

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The paint splash task for captaincy :Suyyash , Rochelle and Prince electing for captaincy.
The paint splash task for captaincy: Suyyash, Rochelle and Prince electing for captaincy. | Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Day 33 Episode

Rimi announces Suyyash as the winner of the task. Bigg Boss congratulating him, tells him to take over as the new captain of the house.

6:51 pm- Rochelle tells Aman that she knows that he stole the chocolates. Aman responds he also has a lot of stolen sugar stored with him, to which he gives a devil laugh and Mandana calls him a devil.

7:40 pm- Bigg Boss calls Suyyash to the confession room, bringing from last week where Bigg boss took away mattresses f the contestants, this week he was returning 5 mattresses, but the matresses were not given to the most rule breakers which were Rochelle and Prince.He gives Suyyash the power to take away mattress of any person who breaks the rule and keep it in the store room.

10:00 pm-  The welcomes night in a frenzy, when while a task where Puneet and Rishabh were in the same team, Puneet behaves feral, which eventually hurts Rishabh while the rest of the house is left in cackle. though they won the task.

12:30 am-Rishabh is still angry and complaints that his face is hurting, he should have been gentle and not splashed water on to him.While Puneet apologizes, Rishabh is in his state, the whole house goes off to sleep in giggles over what happened.

Bigg Boss 9 13th November 2015 Day 33 Episode takes turns, nothing in this house is small, everything that is small is the right masala for the issue. Let us see what masala we get tomorrow.

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