Bigg Boss 9 16th November 2015 Day 36 Episode

Bigg Boss 9 16th November 2015 Day 36 Episode: After Salman’s classes this weekend, it was some time to witness the changing dynamics in the house. Suyyash takes a charge to talk to Mandana and Rochelle, explaining them: it’s shocking for him to hear that they feel unsafe around Prince and him, Suyyash jerks his hands accepting that their behaviour went overboard, saying it was all Prince’s over-excitement and aggression, if he repeats the same again it would be completely prince’s responsibility. Rochelle tells Mandana that Prince Offered her a hand of friendship.

Day 36 ‘Nomination Day’, is welcomed with ‘Bum Bum Bole’ which Pumps up all. Rochelle who is often seen talking to Aman, shares with him that At least Suyyash and Prince tried clearing the differences while Kieshwar is on her own track.

Mandana is seen getting on to Prince and Digangna for the food wastage. Kieshwar gets into the argument and defends Prince by calling him Innocent and puts all the blame on Digangna.

Bigg Boss 9 16th November 2015 Day 36 Episode

Mandana sometime later in the day tells Rochelle and Aman, that she has a feeling that Prince is not apologetic over his behaviour, he is still sticking up to Kieshwar’s commands. Aman, the wise-man of the house tells them not to expect any peace from either Kieshwar or Prince.

Kieshwar reading out the Luxury Budget task

Nomination task

Bigg boss in the noon declares the luxury budget task – “Shararti Bache”, nominations for this week were to be based on the performances in this task. The house turns into BB Day Care with Rishabh, Kieshwar, Rochelle and Prince as the SharartiBacha’s, while roles of caretakers are played by Aman, Digangna, Mandana and Suyyash.

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Rimi is elected as the sanchalak of the task, Kids are allowed to be out of control, undisciplined, create nuisance Caretakers not supposed to lose their cool but be tolerant and discipline the kids, help them do the homework and feed them but have the liberty to punish them when commands are not followed.

Rochelle as 'Shararti Bacha'

The dead and dumb bigg boss house comes springs up when housemates excited about the task show their naughty side while the contestants playing kids begin speaking like kids and try their best to irritate the caretakers.

Things put the house members in double trouble, when after a while the sanchalak – Rimi Sen quits the task, Suyyash as the captain tries to persuade Rimi while she does not change her mind, following Rimi’s footsteps Mandana too leaves giving the excuse that the task is too exasperating and wearing, Rochelle and Aman’s efforts to convince her go wasted.

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Rimi sen forever disinterested, when it comes to tasks

Bigg Boss 9 16th November 2015 Day 36 Episode 36

As a result, Big boss in the evening calls of the task. Suyyash the captain is outraged over Rimi’s behaviour, telling her that her acts will get the whole house in a quandary. He decides to punish her for her stance.

This season would definitely have audiences on a miss of the fun derived the tasks. Bigg Boss 9 16th November 2015 Day 36 Episode came to an end. Let us see how biggboss punishes the Ghar-Wala’s.

Keep watching this space for further Bigg Boss 9 news.

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