Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015 Updates: Day 80 Episode, thrill still carries on’s…

Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015 Day 80 Episode: In today’s show we will be able to see Priya taunting Mandana. According to Priya,  Mandana has been stealing things in her real life, so she called her a thief in real life. This created an environment which moved away from the normal atmosphere of the house. Bigg Boss gave them a task. Somehow Priya  indicated  Mandana a robber. Mandana reverts Priya by saying that she is so cheap. Priya in return blamed her that she stole Rishab’s medicine.

During the task, Rishabh was put in jail and Priya in the putting of water pot accidentally broke it. it was followed with a fight between Rishabh and Priya. In turn, she tried to snatch a diamond from him. It was again stolen by Mandana and she tried to throw it in the robber’s room. But it accidentally hit the Rishabh.

BiggBoss 9 30th December 2015 Updates

Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015

Morning scenario

A familiar song “CHOR BAZARI” was played in the morning. All the contestants started dancing on it. Around 8:30 a.m. Suyyash started saying that Prince has been completely separated from the house he is behaving very different, to be precise annoyingly. He has left talking to everyone in the house. According to him, Prince and Norah are so into each other, so close that they are even more physical than any other in a couple in the house.

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At 9: 30 am Bigg Boss ordered Suyyash that he is supposed to take all the contestants to the bedroom area from the garden area. He went to the garden and asked Rochelle and Prince to come into the kitchen. She said he should ask Kieth to cook the food for every. He straight away refused her by saying she should cook the food.  Prince said that he knows that what is his priority. He said that his first priority was Kishwer, then Suyyash then Keith then Rochelle. He stated that he will continue his relation further even after the show.

Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015 Day 80 Episode

At 10:45 Keith was bathing and Rochelle enters in the bathroom to have, not realizing that Kieth was already inside. Now the scene became interesting as Priya comes and says she wants to go in the bathroom after Kieth. To this, Keith replied that he was just going to come out from the bathroom. Rochelle was helping Kieth to come out quickly. But Rochelle leaves that bathroom with a towel. To this Priya makes a comment that Rochelle wanted to have a bath with Keith.

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However, Prince reacts on her comment by saying that she should not make any comment about any person who is in a relationship. Rochelle in an angry sense asked her, then what? To which Priya replied she didn’t meant in that sense. Then they start fighting with Priya. Kieth said that you shouldn’t have had passed that comment when she came out from the bathroom.
Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015
Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015: atmosphere warms up !!
Norah enters the room and asks what was she saying about her? To this Priya replied that is was not her was Mandana who passed the comment on you. When Mandana enters the room and Priya says that she made a comment that you and Prince were sitting in inappropriate position. She inquired Rochelle who made this comment? Then she said to Priya that you made a comment on Rochelle today so she says that you made the same comment for me. Priya said no, it was Mandana. Then Norah starts crying, Prince goes to her and supports her.
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Bigg Boss 9 30th December 2015 Episode 80

At 1 PM BiggBoss announced a “JEWEL THIEF TASK” for the housemates. The contestants were divided into two teams one as a thief and the other as police. Kieth, Norah, Mandana, and Rishabh  were in the thief team. On the other hand, Police team included Prince, Rochelle, Kishwer and Priya. In this task, the thief team had to steal the diamond and police team had to stop the thief team in doing so.

The action carries on. Stay tuned for more updates !!

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