Bigg Boss 9 8th November 2015 Day 28 Episode: Elimination and Diwali With Salman and Sonam

Bigg Boss 9 8th November 2015 Day 28 Episode: The Diwali episode began with Salman’s entry on the song “prem leela”. But the house was still on a tiff as to why ‘kieshwar and co.’ spat in Rishabh’s food and drinking water. the one to spectacle the was more than the victim himself was Mandana, who told the girls supporting kieshwar, showed the standard they could fall down to.
Diganaga forgetting her past conflicts with Rishabh was seen empathising with him, and informed him that he should change his toothbrush, as Rochelle, used it to clean the toilet. on confronting Rochelle, she became frenzied and completely denied the same.on the other hand, Aman Verma was being pointed out for not stopping them from doing so and later criticising their act.

Elimination and Diwali With Salman and Sonam
Elimination and Diwali With Salman and Sonam

Again after entering the home trough me tv Salman finds Mandana crying over the same issue of wanting to leave the bigg boss house and Salman was seen wheedling her through his motivational words. Be rebuked house members, for having nominated Rishabh and Mandana as “Nirashajanak/disappointing performers” of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 8th November 2015 Day 28 Episode

The complaint box, of the house, had tags for the contestants, as a result Rochelle was called to the podium and was tagged as “dalbadlu and also that he has researched all the seasons” and the other contestant to come to the podium was Puneet Vashisht and was blamed as being ” Abhimaani, fake and full of negativity”. Salman warned him not to talk intoxicated- like the way he was talking the very next morning about having trained Shahrukh khan, he told that ‘you appear like a fool, on screen when you talk all this’.

Next, we saw was a surprise entry of the Prem ratan Dhan Payo Family (Sonam Kapoor, Neel Nitin Mukesh, Armaan Kohli, Swara Bhaskar, but the grand entry was made by the star host himself) visited the Bigg boss family.after greeting and wishing Diwali to all the contestants. the entertainment night began which saw dance performance by women in the house on the theme song “Prem ratan dhan payo”, Salman and team who initially cheered them ended up joining them for the same.the fun evening also saw a saree draping and jalebi making competition of which The Khan was an active participant.

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Bigg Boss 9 8th November 2015 Day 27 Episode
Bigg Boss 9 8th November 2015 Day 28 Episode

There was an in-house elimination ‘Yuvika’, who has has just started to grab attention by the Two single boys in the house, came as a surprise, the actress was taken out by the PRDP team, while Sonam and Salman stayed back to do a fun “TARAZOO Task (weighing scale)” inspired from the star’s movie, where a contestant has to sit on side of the scale while differents weights with different “quality ” tags were Put. depending on the quantity of that quality in them. this task was done by the opposing members of the house, which was actually a way for them to express their feelings towards the other.

After the tarazoo task Sonam left, and Salman stayed back to continue with Nominations, which would happen in his presence. to be shown in tomorrow’s episode. This was all for Bigg Boss 9 8th November 2015 Day 28 Episode.

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