Bigg Boss 9 Day 38 18th November 2015 Episode 38 – “Mandana’s Pseudo Eviction”

Bigg Boss 9 Day 38 18th November 2015 Episode 38: The new morning witnesses a shift in perspective when Mandana is seen telling Rochelle, that it is very clear that it’s Prince who is the most violent while Suyyash and Kieshwar are not that bad.She adores Suyyash and his captaincy. she criticised Rimi for having spoiled the whole task, she said Rimi could have made the task fun by punishing kids or caretakers, she was just a spoil sport.

Bigg Boss 9 18th November 2015 Day 38 Episode

Later in the Morning, Bigg boss calls Rimi- not so “Sanchalak” (Supervisor) of the last task to the confession room. He asked her to name one contestant from both the teams who delivered a ‘nirashajanak’ (disappointing) performance. As bigg boss in the beginning of the task informed the contestants that performance in the same would have an impact on the elimination this week, therefore, As a consequence to Rimi’s decision Mandana is eliminated of the house. everyone in the house is quite surprised and stupefied while Prince is seen with a big smile.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 38 18th November 2015 Episode 38

Mandana breaks into tears while bidding goodbye to housemates. she is asked to make an exit from the main entrance.

Bigg Boss 9 18th November 2015 Day 38 Episode
bigg boss 9 episode 38

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After she is gone Rishabh is seen daunting a new look ( without beard) is seen telling Aman and Rochelle the one’s who should go are staying while others are going away, Rochelle tells him nothing is permanent in the house and Mandana should ‘go’.

Rimi asks Kieshwar, ‘what will happen to the show as the strongest contender is out of the house? maybe they are getting in someone else’- she says.

The real Game changer is when Mandana who as a punishment is sent to the secret room for one day. she is not aware that other contestants know of her presence in the secret room as told by the bigg boss to them. The contestants are asked to bad-mouth about Mandana (when ‘Red’ lights are on- as at that time she would be shown that footage in the secret room) so much so that Mandana chooses two people to Nominate for this week while the two contestants chosen by her would be safe.

The game begins:

Prince in the evening is telling Rimi that he did not like one thing, that the name she gave to him “Gunda- Suyyash adds”, has spoiled his reputation.

while, her confidence Aman and Rochelle are also seen condemning her behavior, Aman says that she worked on her whims and wishes ‘when she wished she removed her mike, when she wished she quit the tasks’. To which the other one added that ‘Mandana reacted very wrong to Kieth, she actually has a use and throw attitude’.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 38 18th November 2015 Episode 38

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Prince tells that he tried to like her once, twice but could never like her. Kieshwar joins in to say “not even me”.

Kieshwar is seen going to a camera and devilishly confessing, that  she was not her competition, but Mandana was a headache, so she is happy she has gone.

bigg boss 9 day 38
bigg boss 9 day 38

Yes, this is a pseudo eviction in the house, where Mandana is in a trap! Bigg Boss 9 Day 38 18th November 2015 Episode 38 ends.

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