Bigg Boss 9 Day 40: 20th November 2015 Episode – Wild card entry

Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 20th November 2015 Episode –  Mandana is seen talking to Rishabh, allegedly her only wellwisher in the house, where she is telling him, ‘ this week Rimi will become open the way kieshwar is and also Rochelle has the same master plan, her brain works too fast, whatever I am; I am on the face”, Rochelle looks at Mandana from the living area and tells Rimi and Prince, “Rishabh and Mandana are talking, kiesh also- Prince added, Rochelle says that initially she wanted to go and just after days flip she is back into the game with full force”.

When Kieshwar returns, Prince tells her that ‘Rishabh until last week was against them. she should understand that he is playing a game with them’.

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Later in the day Bigg boss asks Rimi the last task’s sanchalak, to name three contestants for the race of captaincy except Mandana.

Bigg boss 9, 20 november, Rishabh Prince
Prince and Rishabh during the task for captaincy.

Three contenders Kieshwar, Rochelle and Prince were chosen and hence have to undergo a difficult task where they have to hold bowls filled with coloured liquids while others have to try to get them to drop bowl or as much liquid as possible. Rishabh is seen taking revenge for last days argument from Prince by spraying chilli over his eyes.  Looking at the distress of Prince and Rochelle, Aman and Suyyash snatch away the chilli powder box from Rishabh.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 20th November 2015 Episode

In the evening, Prince and Rishabh are again indulging into a heated argument.

Bigg boss 9, 20 november,kieshwar merchent
Kieshwar Merchant new captain in the BB9 house.

After a while in the garden area, Prince informs Suyyash the sanchalak of the task that Kieshwar had put her bowl down while Keshwar outright ignores saying that the sanchalak has to see from his eyes to be able to disqualify. While the end of the task declares Keshwar as the captain of the house for the second time.

Knwaljeet singh, wild card entry ,Bigg boss 9, 20 november
Kanwaljeet Singh the third wild card entry of the house – Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 20th November 2015 Episode

In the evening the house is being prepared for a grand entry, every place is filled with clothes, then happened is the grand and royal entry of the designer Kanwaljeet Singh, the third wild card entry of the house, everybody looked super excited interacting with him, but he is not alone, someone accompanying him is model-turned-actor Keith Sequeira, current contestant Rochelle Rao’s Boyfriend who made an emergency exit after his younger brother’s demise. Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 20th November 2015 Episode comes to an end leaving contestants in their excitement and spaces.

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The entries surely will have the news and perspectives to mess up the equations in the house. 

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