Home Entertainment Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015: This Shanivaar’ Without Salman But Who Leaves The House?

Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015: This Shanivaar’ Without Salman But Who Leaves The House?


Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015: Last Night after Bigg Boss’s irked announcement asking all those who wish to leave from the main gates brought every eye on to Rimi and Mandana. Rishabh to test Rimi informed her they will pack her bags so that she could leave. Rimi got up to go to her bed, housemates are surprised over this, saying now they are aware what Rimi is trying to do.

Suyyash went to up to her to ask reason for not leaving, she replied, ‘It is already seven weeks what will I do by leaving, I would prefer being eliminated’. Eventually, everyone is left on a guilt trip for intimidating BB over everything are seen apologising for their behaviours, while nobody actually leaves the house.

Bigg boss 9 day 48 28 november
OOOPPSS!! Nobody left the house, Not even Rimi

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Bigg boss 9 day 48 28 november
Priya convincing Prince by offering him support in future.

As per the third level of the task contestants were not allowed to sleep, Rochelle went off to sleeping, Waking up to alerting alarm ‘Jago Jago subah hogai’ at 4 in morning Rochelle walks off the car as per the rules. Leaving Prince and Priya in the competition with each other.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015

Early noon, Priya smartly convinced Prince to give up on the task through avarice offers of his benefit. Prince brings her to say that she won’t take severe actions against him and his friends – Rochelle, Mandana, Suyyash, and Kishwer.

Prince Reaches the rooftop of the car, to announce that Priya is novel to the house and needs immunity more hence he is giving up on the task for her. Later Priya completely disregards it all saying she has won the task on her potential and nobody is to be credited for the same. Well, a smart game Miss Malik.

Bigg boss 9 day 48 28 november
Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015

Bigg Boss congratulated Priya on becoming the new captain and gaining immunity for two weeks while he announces that she will be given special nomination powers which will be unveiled later.

On completion of half their journey in BB, the house the aboriginals were shown their journey until now, Rishabh, was told that he entered as a terror for but as of now he has become a jester. Prince and Suyyash were told to find meaning for themselves by coming out of Kieshwar’s shadow. While, Kieshwar, Mandana, and Rochelle were appreciated for their roles. Rimi was not given any feedback, she went on laughing looking at herself in the video.

People seeing themselves in hindsight were so nonplus that after their turns everyone behaved unlike of their characters planning and swearing on not trusting anyone, discussing on new strategies.

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In the evening, Bigg Boss asked contestants to rate themselves from 1 to 10 and stand at te given position in a podium filled with dung, by giving an explanation why they are ahead or behind someone?.

Mandana stood took the number #1 spot which was argued upon by Rishabh but Mandana stood firm, followed by Prince at #2, and so on, while the last spot was occupied by Rimi, looks like playing a slow and hidden game she plans to wins this race.

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Bigg boss 9 day 48 28 november
All activities at Biss boss 9 on day 48: Keith is finally back

The day was felt the absence of Salman Khan, who promised to be with viewers on the Sunday and Monday. Finally, his space was filled by the long awaited entry of Keith, who was welcomed back, Rochelle broke down on seeing him in the confession Room.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015 ended leaving the show in the utter thrill, Sunday will witness Salman’s classes with the ‘Dilwale’ Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.


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