Bigg Boss 9 Day 60 10th December 2015 Episode: Is It Love In The Air For Prince And Nora

Bigg Boss 9 Day 60 10 December:

‘Party with The Bhootnath’ is the alarm for the morning. Morning time Rochelle and Suyyash secretly talking about Prince’s desperate attempt to give a romantic angle to the show, He tells her that he is doing with Nora what he wanted to do with Yuvika, when Prince is resting on Nora’s lap.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 60 10 December

Giselle is putting forward the mean side, again by making personal comments on Rochelle, her career until and going to the extent f calling her dependent on her boyfriend. Priya who stands for the right cause in the house in full support of Rochelle, Giselle is irked at Priya’s behaviour hence, gets into an argument with her as well. Things get clear between Mandana and Giselle trying a nexus when she tells her Priya’s game plan of surviving in the house through a close friendship with Rishabh. Leading to Mandana form a trust on her and start a fresh on friendship terms with her.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 60 10 December, Bigg Boss 9 , Nora, Giselle,Priya, prince

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Meanwhile, The luxury budget task gets a level difficult when in afternoon Bigg boss gives humans an activity to destroy the ghosts.Which will only be done when three skeletons are dumped in the swimming pool. The activity gets squalid when Prince gets into a brawl with his team member Mandana for always behaving uncanny blaming her for their shortcomings.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 60 10 December, Bigg Boss 9 , Nora, Giselle,Priya, prince

Bigg Boss 9 Day 60 10 December:

The fights are progressing as the task does when all are accusing each other of an unfair play. Keith portrays his gentleness when he comes across as the most fair player.

The day with not so settling fights witnesses an argument between wild card entrants when clamorous Giselle accuses Nora for behaving confused during the task. Nora does not take Giselle’s words so easily while she comes out in full force, equating the other one, she apprises that she is not intimidated by her.
At one moment Rochelle decides to play an unfair game under her sanchalak Keith’s conduct saying the other team is not paying any heed to his decisions hence, they would do the same.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 60 10 December, Bigg Boss 9 , Nora, Giselle,Priya, prince

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Everyone puts their best foot forward in the task after BB announces the contestants to buck up as the task would soon be terminated while Rochelle has to pay for the over excitement as she ends up hurting Giselle’s knee.

Prince and Mandana get into another argument when she questions his loyalty towards his friends in the opposition team.

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The day comes to an end, but the heat waves are soon going to turn into a barbeque, on which each contestant would be grilled by the other.

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