Bigg Boss Season 10 25th October 2016 Written Updates: 7 contestants gets nominated

Bigg Boss Season 10 25th October 2016: Today’s episode started with Manveer and Nitibha fight in which they are talking about their presentation in the task. Manveer is not in the mood for this discussion. While the conversation regarding celebrities and nominations is going on between the commoners. Navin says that the celebrities have no heart and emotions. He also added that Manveer and Manu are manipulating the teams.

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Bigg Boss asks everyone to be in the common room and publicizes that after the discussion of Indiawale about the nominations, the power of being Malik is snatched from them and the same is handed over to celebrities. Manveer gives Hukum Ki Ghanti to Bani. Gaurav tells Rohan being a Malik he should not cross the line. Indiawale splitting over the responsibilities while Lokesh says she will be cooking the food.


Swami asks Karan for the punishment if he has commited something wrong. Rahul says that why does he wish for punish needlessly. Swami tells Bigg Boss that celebrating are acting just like the dictators. While there is fight going on between Manu and Akansha in which Akansha says that she along with Lokesh wants to take the kitchen’s work. Manu refered Lokesh as stupid as she regularly nudge him regarding making her at 13th position in ranking task.

Bigg Boss Season 10 25th October 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 25th October 2016

Swami starts doing exercises in the gym and Karan tells him not to enter the area without their permission. Swami replies that he doesn’t know such rule of the house. Rohan asks Karan for the punishment of Swami breaking the rule. At this Swami gets angry and says that he will not be acquiring any punishment as he is not aware such kind of rule. Nitibha tells Swami that he must have go through the rule book properly. Rohan tells Swami the punishment but he declines it. Rohan tells Bigg Boss about this issue.

Swami starts reading the book of rules and he searched for the rule of using the gym with the permission of Malik. He then says that all the remaning 13 contestants will be responsible for his life. Karan tells celebrities that he is poking Mona, but Mona is not reacting anything to this. Lopa says that Mona is modest but Rahun in between says that she understands everything what he is doing. Karan fetched this information to Mona and asks her comfortable level with Manu. Mona says that she is comfortable with Manu.

Bigg Boss Season 10 25th October 2016
Bigg Boss Season 10 25th October 2016

Bigg Boss united everyone int he garden and command for the commencement of the nominations. Manveer recomendes Gaurav and Rohan nominates Manu and Manveer adding they are exploiting. Swami suggested Gaurav for the influencement against his team. He also proposes Bani as she belives that she can’t be a proper Bhartiya Naari. He adds that she doesn’t follow the Indian culture. Rahul presented Swami and Akansha. Finally, Gaurav, Mona Lisa, Rohan, Nitibha, Manveer, Manu, and Akansha get nominated.

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