Bones Season 11 Episode 15 Spoiler, Promo, and Air Date: Hodgins and Angela’s relationship in jeopardy

Bones Season 11 Episode 15: Hodgins’ disability has jeopardized his relationship with Angela, and the duo will continue their struggle to work out their relationship in the coming episode of “Bones” titled ‘The Fight in the Fixer’. The couple has been a slowpoke in the past, but in the Thursday’s stream viewers will find Hodgins retrieve his playful self.

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The promo released for the episode plays Brennan working on various routes for his new case, in which their victim’s body is found frozen after it was thrown away in the Potomac. Hodgins save the case by making the ice melt away without causing any harm to the corpse. He smirks as he gave the demonstration of the techniques to Brennan.

Revising what is left in the store for Angela and Hodgins, executive Peterson Michael Peterson of “Bones” cautioned the viewers to be worried about the couple. “I would be worried,” Peterson said to TVGuide. There is a limit to how much someone can take. We’ve got this wonderful car that we get to drive in and you want to get it on the turns, but you don’t want to flip and crash. We certainly want to take everything to the limits, but the audience is in good hands.

Bones Season 11 Episode 15
Bones Season 11 Episode 15

Whereas others are concerned, viewers will find Aubrey getting some intel about the remains of his father.

Bones Season 11 Episode 15

The official synopsis of the episode titled “The Fighter in the Fixer” of the series “Bones” reads:

The team investigates the body of a private investigator who was found frozen in ice, after being dumped in the Potomac. The victim, a man with many enemies, was a “fixer” who made sure his clients’ problems got “resolved.”

Bones Season 11 Episode 15

Meanwhile, Aubrey is shocked to find information tied to his father’s whereabouts, Angela and Hodgins continue to work on their rocky relationship, Brennan and Booth get Christine’s first report card and criminal behaviorist Karen Delfs (guest star Sara Rue) asks Aubrey out on a date.

“Bones” is aired regularly on Thursday on FOX.

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