CarryMinati Yalgaar Video: Ajey Nagar’s Latest Rap Song Dissing TikTokers & YouTubers

CarryMinati Yalgaar Video: Ajey Nagar's Latest Rap Song Dissing TikTokers & YouTubers
CarryMinati Yalgaar Video: Ajey Nagar's Latest Rap Song Dissing TikTokers & YouTubers

The ‘Roast King of India’ CarryMinati has released the most awaited video Yalgaar today. Carry roasts several Tiktokers, people mainly involved in the deletion of India’s record-breaking video “YouTube vs TikTok: The End“.

CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar, is one of the top Indian YouTubers who is widely popular for his roasting skills. The 20-year old star posts videos on trending topics, actors, and gaming. Ajey Nagar tweeted Yalgaar Teaser/First Look two days ago on his Twitter account, and fans went crazy over it.

What Does Yalgaar Mean?

The latest CarryMinati’s video is titled ‘Yalgaar’, you might wonder what does Yalgaar means, it means ‘to-attack’. And he delivers the expected in this recent video, attacking Tiktokers and his fellow YouTubers.

Yalgaar is styled as a hip-hop rap song with deep lyrics and heart-thumping beats. The music is composed and produced by Wily Frenzy. Wily also produced beats of CarryMinati’s last song ‘Warrior’.

The Roast King hits on Saimon Says, Dhruv Rathee, and Kunal Kamra. Addressing them as, “Saapon Se Bhara Hai Ye Samundar, Peeth Peeche Marra Hai Inhone Khanjar”. These are some of the renowned names from the industry, they were reportedly mentioned to reflect their unsupportive and judgmental behavior towards CarryMinati.

The 3 minutes 14 seconds video sees Carry dissing his haters in an unprecedented style, featuring X Wily Frenzy. Watch the latest CarryMinati video below. CarryMinati posted the Yalgaar video’s link on his Twitter account.

CarryMinati Yalgaar Video: Diss Rap Song

Fun Fact: Kunal Kamra roast of CarryMinati became the 2nd most disliked Indian Video on YouTube.

During the last minute, Carry fast-forwards the entire YouTube vs TikTok video which was sadly taken down from YouTube for violating ‘Terms of Service’.

The roaster has made an epic comeback with Yalgaar Rap Song. It is already trending on twitter and will only grow in the coming time. (check: Top Most Liked Indian YouTube Videos.)

CarryMinati is currently sitting at #2 Most Subscribers In India YouTube with 20.2 Million subscribers while Amit Bhadana holds the top rank. Carry is supposed to surpass the mark in the coming 2 days. Will CarryMinati be the Most Subscribed Individual Indian YouTuber? We’ll find out with time.

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What are your thoughts on the Carryminati Yalgaar video? Stay tuned for more CarryMinati News.

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