Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd July 2016: Sushim proves wrong to Ashoka

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd July 2016: Nirankush tried to write the name of Halena but he died after writing the first letter of the name. Virat came there. Ashoka left from there. Virat said that if his sister Kaurvaki did not love him then Ashoka never go alive from there. Dharma told all the Rajkumari about the Dushyant and Shankutla’s drama.

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All Rajkumari wanted the role of Shankutla, Dharma said that it would be decided later when Ashoka came back. Rajkumari Anandni said that may be Ashoka came or not. Kaurvaki said that Ashoka would come back. Dharma smiled at this. Virat buried Kathura’s dead body.

Virat said that Ashoka was different from other Rajvansi and they would surely meet again in future. Ashoka returned back. He saw Sushim was torturing a man. Ashoka stopped him. Sushim said that how he came back alive from there. Ashoka started to hit Sushim with a hunter.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd July 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd July 2016

Sushim took the hunter from his hand and tried to hit Ashoka but Ashoka caught the hunter and said to Sushim that he know that there was some relation between Gondna and him. Sushim said that Gondna was related to all of them.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd July 2016 Written Updates

Sushim said to Ashoka that he would never able to catch Gondna as she was ghost. Ashoka shocked to listen this. He came to Bindusar and said to him that he wanted to say something. Ashoka said to him that Rajmata was alive and she was Gondana.

Bindusar said that how is this possible he himself buried her. Ashoka said that it was her plan she was doing drama only. Sushim, Charumitra and Siamak came there and started laughing on Ashoka. Bindusar said to Ashoka that he needed some rest. Sushim said that Ashoka became mad due to his responsibility.

Ashoka said that he could prove that. He said to Bindusar that they must dig the place where they buried Rajmata. Siamak said how they could do that with their ancestors. Dharma said to Bindusar to give a chance to Ashoka. All reached the place where they buried Rajmata.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd July 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd July 2016

They dug the place and found a Skeleton there. Ashoka shocked to see that. All left from there. Ashoka said that he would prove it that Rajmata was alive. Ashoka said to Radha Gupta that now he was sure that Rajmata was alive. Sushim said that Rajmata put the dead body of another lady from her place.

Charumitra came near to Bindusar and said to Bindusar that Ashoka lost his mental balance. Bindusar became sad. Bindusar said that how everything would be fine. Dharma came there and said that everything would be fine after their marriage.  

Dharma said that she would complete all the preparation before time. Raj sabha started. Bindusar said that he decided that Ashok and Sushim would also take part in drama. Ashoka and Sushim said that they would not take part in competition. Bindusar said that it was his order. Sushim thought that he would take revenge from Padmavati and Ashoka.

What is the next plan of Sushim?

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