Home Entertainment Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016: Ashoka wins over Mallu and defies to bow to Bindusar

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016: Ashoka wins over Mallu and defies to bow to Bindusar


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016: Dharma is concerned about Ashoka’s safety as he has gone to take part in the wrestling competition.

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He went there to help a mother get justice for her son’s killing. He wished that Chand may not react in the same way. Vit said that he has lost his patience. Dharma looked at him in surprise. She asked what happened. He asked her straightforwardly that who Bindusar is leaving her dazed.   

While all the other participants were busy practising Ashoka wore his necklace and took out his mother’s clothes. He said that he lost his way in the tunnel 10 years ago and all he was able to hear was his mother’s and Guru’s cries in pain.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016

He has urged long for this day so that he can put an end to his mother’s enemies and enemies of his motherland. He said to himself that Sushim will die now and none shall become a hurdle in his way. People mocked at Ashoka for challenging Mallu but they were shocked seeing Sushim.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016 Written Updates

He looked at Sushim and shattered water pots for which he was warned. Another guy announced that the time is now. Sushim hugged Bindu and said that he is totally surprised to see him today. Bindu heard that the next fight is between Mallu and Chakravartin.

He said that he felt restless for watching the match and so he advanced towards the wrestling area. Acharya cheered Ashoka and said that he is his well-wisher and has come to advise him. He told him that his opponent is strong, so he should avoid any caught hold from him and try to make him fall.

This was the only way he could defeat him. The door opened and Ashoka went in. Mahamatya announced the Chand’s name and Ashoka came in. He told about Bhupal death by Sushim’s hands and hoped the same for the participant from Rajgir.

Then Mallu entered and Mahamatya said that there is one rule that there is no rule. One should kill to survive. If the choice to surrender is made after the match has begun the decision lies in the hands of the opponent and then the competition started.

Ashoka though was not able to make any severe injuries but was active enough to save himself. Acharya said his name on being asked and people started cheering for him. Ashoka was hit hard by Mallu and he went down.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016

Mahamatya said that if he is not up by the count of 10 Mallu will win the duel and then he can do whatever he wants with Chand. Either kill or spare him, and he began the count. Bindu came in at the count of 6 and Ashoka noticed that.

All of the presents greeted Bindu. Ashoka recalled of how he was banished from Magadh by his father wrongfully and as soon as the count reached 9 Ashoka rose surprising all. Mahamatya said that Chakravarti Chand has called upon his death and he was eager to see how long he can push.

Mallu again tried to hit Ashoka but this he held his hand, looked at his father and said – “My Guru’s killer are free just because of you. My mother is roaming like someone lost, despite having his home and family. His rebirth as Chakravarti Chand” All this happened because of you-  Smaraat Bindusar.

He started beating Mallu. After Mallu was hit hard he surrendered to Ashoka he was announced a winner. Bindu looked happy but Ashoka stared at him with derision. He was asked by Mahamatya to greet Smaraat and bow his head doing the same. But Ashoka denied and said that he never bow his head before anyone.



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