Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th April 2016: Unanis injures Sushim by their arrow

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th April 2016: Kaurvaki asked Jagannath that why he insulted Ashoka? She said Ashoka had helped them to get kaling back. Jagannath said they had lost Kaling due to Mauryas then why they should be thankful to them now? She shocked to hear this.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th April 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th April 2016

Jagannath said to her that she gave their ancestral thing to Ashoka and asked why she did not respect their tradition. She said she gave it to him because he saved their Kaling and he took the great risk of his life for them only. Jagannath slapped her and she left from there.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th April 2016 Written Updates

In the battle of Unanis and Mauryas, Sushim was hit by an arrow. Siamak became happy to see this. Radha Gupta asked Ashoka about Kaurvaki. Nayak said she would not able to face Ashoka in this situation.

Ashoka said she was not present in her room but she did not like this. They left from there. Kaurvaki went to Ashoka’s room and cried to think that Ashoka would get hurt due to her father. She took his royal clothes and ran but Jagannath ordered his soldiers to block all ways.

She begged for open the way. Kevalnath said there was no need to block the way because Ashoka had left now and she could not reach to him. Sushim got out of the battle due to injury and Siamak took his place. Siamak hits an arrow with a letter near the horse of Mir and Nicator. They said it is surely the map of the tunnel by which they would enter into the palace.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th April 2016

Charu was sitting near the Sushim and he was unconscious. Raj veid said he had a deep injury. Siamak said to Bindu that he would go from new tunnels to bring their army because Unani soldiers were going back and they would find the other way to enter into the palace. Bindu permitted him for this and he went.

Kaurvaki reached to Ashoka and gave him the necklace. Ashoka said he did not know how he had fallen down this Necklace. Kaurvaki said she know he was leaving because of her father. She asked him to go to an ancient temple with her. Ashoka agreed. She gave him the clothes.

He confused to see the clothes but she said it was their tradition. Siamak went from the tunnels and Mir and Nicator were also coming from other sides. They killed the soldiers and hugged Siamak. Siamak said to hit him because everyone would think that he had been hit by the Unanis. Mir hits him. They all go back towards the palace.

Kaurvaki’s mother told Jagannath that Kaurvaki had gone to their ancient temple with Ashoka. He said it meant that she wanted Ashoka as her husband but he would not happen this.

Kaurvaki and Ashoka reached to the temple and went inside it. Jagannath also followed them. In the temple, the priest gave them a thread and said to tie this on the tree. They go outside and hold the hand of each other and started to walk around the tree and prayed there. Kaurvaki wished for Ashoka as her husband in every birth. She asked Ashoka for his wish. Jgannath came there and shouted Kaurvaki. She became tensed to saw him.

Will Jagannath do the separation between Ashoka and Kaurvaki?

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