Home Entertainment Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016: Bindu surrenders himself in front of Unanis

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016: Bindu surrenders himself in front of Unanis


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016: Jagannath holds Kaurvaki’s hand and forcibly took her with him from there. Siamak said sorry to Bindu and told him that Unanis had known about the tunnel and they had reached inside the palace by attacking him. Acharya Radha Gupta told Ashoka that if any unmarried girl and boy would come in this temple then they would choose themselves as husband and wife. Ashoka confused to hear this.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016

Bindu said to Shubrasi and Dharma to go to a safe place. He also said this to Siamak. Siamak refused to do this; he said he would fight with him. Bindu showed proud on him. They started the fight again. Nicator and Mir came there and saw the battle. Bindu said to him to go back otherwise they would kill.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016 Written Updates

Bindu and Mir started to fight with their swords. Siamak saw Mahamatya and acted to fight with Nicator. Dharma said only Ashoka could help them in this situation. She went to Sushim and said only he could bring Ashoka back. She applied for some medicine on his wound and Sushim woke up with his pain.

Bindu tried to put his sword on Mir’s neck. Nicator and Siamak saw this and Nicator acted to hold his sword on Siamak’s neck. Bindu became shocked to saw this. Sushim said to Dharma that did she mean they would not win without Ashoka? She said to him that this was not a right time for argument and he should bring Ashoka back.

He became ready to do that and went out. Jagannath said to Kaurvaki that he would never accept Ashoka and her marriage. He said he would never accept any Maurya in his family.

Kaurvaki said to him that his brother Kevalnath was also a cheater then why he accepted him? She said it was only Ashoka who helped him to get his Kaling back then why he insulted him? Ashoka was hearing everything from outside. She said she would marry only with Ashoka. Jagannath said to him to bring Ashoka, he would talk to her. She smiled.

Unani soldiers entered. Sushim ran and they noticed him and ran to follow him. Nicator moved his sword near the neck of Siamak. Bindu said to stop it. Siamak acted and said it would be good to die for his Magadh. Bindu falls down his Sword and knee down before Nicator. Nicator and Mir laughed.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016

They said they have won. Helena also heard this and became happy. She said the day had come which she was waiting for many times. Mir ordered his soldiers to take away Bindu from there.

All ladies hear that Samrat had surrendered himself. Shubrasi said if Ashoka would come late then they would kill themselves. Kaurvaki met with Ashoka and stopped him. He said that she had done wrong to go into that ancient temple. Kaurvaki said she loved him due to his braveness.  She said to him that how he could go like this? Ashoka said he would do apologize to Jagannath. He went for that.

Mir was looking for Dharma. He said he would punish Bindu only in front of her. Ashoka went to meet with Jagannath. Jagannath started to do insult of his mother. Ashoka got angry and pushed Jagannath. Kaurvaki came and slapped him and said to him leave from there. Ashoka left.

Ashoka and his men left. They stopped in a temple for a night. Nicator met with Helena and said they had won. She came out with him happily. Dharma hoped to meet Sushim with Ashoka. Ashoka imagined Kaurvaki. He said he would tell her everything after meeting her. Kaurvaki was crying and her mother came and told him everything about Jagannath. Kaurvaki shocked to know this.

Kaurvaki’s mother said to her to go and stop Ashoka. She cried and went. Helena told to Siamak that Bindu was not his real father. She told him that Justin was his real father. Siamak shocked. She said it is a big truth for him. He recalled that Justin had helped him in every problem. He cried and hugged Helena.

Will Ashoka save his Father and entire Magadh from Unanis?


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