Chennai floods 2015 !! Situation worsens, Airport flooded, State underwater…

Chennai Floods 2015, December: The constant rain has brought down the state to halt. The day to lives and traffic have been severely hit. The Army, Navy and more personals are coming to Chennai  so that rescue operations can be carried at a faster pace.The NDRF is airlifting 15 more teams to the state while 10 have already been airlifted.

Chennai Floods 2015
Chennai submerged underwater

The worst has struck the normal functioning of the state.It has badly affected the Chennai International Airport as it is estimated that a total of  3,500 people along with nearly a 1,500 passengers were stranded at the airport. It has been closed till the Thursday morning, operations will be carried out so that it regains its normal functioning after it was struck by the flood.

Chennai Floods 2015
Stranded passengers at the Chennai International airport

Chennai floods 2015 !! Situation worsens for the state as it loses the battle with the monsoon

The (AAI) Airports Authority of India has stated that it has safely removed all the stranded passengers out of the airport. They were given directions and were taken to safer places by the rescue personals. The AAI has not yet revealed the exact number of individuals that have so far been evacuated.

Chennai Floods 2015
Chennai International airport flooded, passengers moving out safely

AAI has issued a notice to the operating Airmen who manage the airport. the notice which was circulated, clearly states that flights should be suspended till 6 am on Thursday. It has informed the pilots about the potential risks and dangers of the flight safety. Also watch: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1 Dec

Initially, the airport authorities had shut operations till the Wednesday morning. After the heavy rainfall, they had to act immediately. The evacuation process is undergoing.


Chennai floods 2015 !! Situation worsens for the state as it loses the battle with the monsoon

A total of 66 arrivals and 53 departures have been cancelled after the issuing of the Notem. Mostly, domestic airlines  are grounded at the airport (Nearly 35 to 37  air crafts.
Spicejet has suspended all its operations at the Chennai airport and it will resume as per the instructions of the airport authority.

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The  re-viewing of the airport will take place on theThursday morning and the flights will be accordingly resumed.

We stand by the people of Chennai and hope things gets better.

stay tuned for more updates !!

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