Containment Season 1 Episode 4 Watch Online Live: Lex continues making false hopes to public; Leo meets someone unlooked for

Containment Season 1 Episode 4: In the upcoming stream of episode titled “With Silence and Tears” of the CW’s series “Containment” Season 1, things are going to get more austere and gloomy as David Gyasi portrayed as Lex will be compelled to make fake promises to the masses whereas Trevor St. John portrayed as Leo will encounter an ally out of the blue who will leave him astonished.

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The synopsis reads:

AS the scenarios get more portentous inside the cordon, Lex gets more agitated and frustrated as he has to forcefully forward messages of false hope to public on regular basis. When Jana gets a hunch that something is off with Lex’s comportment, she speculates the situation to be more serious than the government is letting it and prop a plan to get to Lex directly.

Here at the hospital George Young portrayed as Dr. Cannerts advances on her work to find an antidote while Jake (Chris Wood) helps Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) sort her personal issues. Somewhere else, Leo (Trevor St. John) gets concerned for his folks inside the Cordon and approaches to an uncommon ally for help. Finally, a series of events at the grocery mart leaves Teresa and her mother shattered and terrified.

Containment Season 1 Episode 4
Containment Season 1 Episode 4

This episode of the series was directed by Chris Grismer and written by Micheal Jones-Morales

Containment Season 1 Episode 4

In the promo version of the episode general masses can be seen pulling in their best to get out of the Cordon despite the hindrance and protection of the local police. While one amongst the masses gets unlucky as the person is shot by police, another somehow wrecks the electricity supply offence and ascends it. Now the coming episode will let the viewer’s know if he is able to escape or becomes another name in the list people killed by Lex or cops.

Containment Season 1 Episode 4

In the last episode titled,”Be Angry at the sun”, Lex relied on Jake for the backup and to take over the situation inside as he was turned down by Dr. Lommers for the request of additional reinforcements.

Here Katie faces one of her student’s parents. Teresa was doomed as her mother’s store was looted, and when Leo aired more detrimental videos, immediate steps were adopted to shut him.

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