Home Technology The Emerging Trend of Looking for Liberal Arts Degrees for Tech Industries

The Emerging Trend of Looking for Liberal Arts Degrees for Tech Industries

The Emerging Trend of Looking for Liberal Arts Degrees for Tech Industries
The Emerging Trend of Looking for Liberal Arts Degrees for Tech Industries

When you think of pursuing jobs within high-tech fields, you automatically think of science and engineering degrees. You wouldn’t be faulted for this either. However, many employers are reporting that they are also looking for graduates who hold degrees in the liberal arts as well. While you may find this surprising, there are many valid reasons why this is so. Here are just a few of them.

Knowing the Client

Let’s face it, when it comes to a job like a software engineer, you’re not designing the end product for other software engineers. You are building it for specific customers who are seeking to use it. While engineering the product is obviously important, there also needs to be a human aspect when it comes to how it is designed. This is where a liberal arts degree can come into play. With this type of degree, you are trained to analyze how other people think and why they think this way. This can be crucial when software is being designed whose sole purpose is to benefit others.

Far Beyond the Surface

When a tech firm hires someone with a liberal arts degree, they are looking far beyond the surface of the degree itself. They have looked at what classes and studies made up that degree and how those skillsets that were learned can align with what the company is trying to provide. For instance, sales, marketing, and product development are all crucial to any company, but you also need to know who you are selling and marketing to and why those people are buying your products. Through deep analysis such as this, the company can work with their clients instead of the other way around.

Double Degrees

When enrolling in college, you may want to consider a major and minor that complement each other in this way, for example, software engineering and humanities. The manner in which you pay for this education does not differ from traditional degree pairings. Simply apply for a student loan through a private lender and watch your career options bloom after you graduate. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of more flexible repayment options as well as grooming your credit history to allow for better future opportunities.

Humanizing Data

When it comes to statistics and artificial intelligence, they are derived from cold hard data. However, without a humanistic approach, they add little value to real-world experience and usage. Someone with a liberal arts degree will be able to look at the data and analyze it with different cultural perspectives than programmed computer code ever could. Through the combination of two (or more) differing disciplines, the end result is greater than the individuals alone.


Keep in mind that many talents are needed to grow a business. This is true in high-tech just as it is true in any other business. So, if you are not especially skilled in things such as programming or engineering, this does not mean that you should shy away from trying for a position in a high-tech company.


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