Emiway Bantai New World feat. Snoop Dogg Song Video [Watch] Lyrics

The top tier Indian hip-hop artist Emiway Bantai just released the biggest collaboration of the year ‘New World’. Emiway Bantai’s New World Song features Snoop Dogg and Lexz Pryde.

Who is Lexz Pryde? She is an American singer, dancer, and songwriter aka Brittany Rose Peechatka, who produced the song Lexz’s song ‘Motivate’ feat. Snoop Dogg released back in 2016. Soon she rose to fame for her exceptional voice and exquisite looks.

And we all know about the worldwide renowned fame Snoop Dogg. He has done big projects like ‘Black & Yellow’, ‘Young Wilde & Free’, and many others.

Emiway Banti New World feat. Snoop Dogg
Emiway Bantai New World feat. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has also appeared in Hindi songs like ‘Woofer’ Dr. Zeus & Zora featuring Nargis Fakhri. His first Bollywood project was ‘Singh is King’ feat. Akshay Kumar released almost 12 years ago in 2008.

Emiway Bantai deserves no introduction at all. He surprised us with Machayenge, Bot Hard, and a plethora of hits. He approached Snoop at the start of the year for collaboration and utilized the time in lockdown to complete the project. Emiway Bantai New World Song is already a hit. Listen to it below.

Emiway New World Video feat. Snoop Dogg & Lexz Pryde

Emiway Bantai released the New World video on his YouTube channel on 22nd May 2020. It has crossed over 600K views in just 6 hours. This shows the support and love fans are throwing at the much-anticipated collaboration.

The three artists featured in Emiway New World raps about totally different scenarios but all have one motive which is to motivate all of us to keep grinding and working hard. (check: most liked Indian songs on youtube.)

Snoop Dogg inspires us with verses like “Boy you better not diss that class. Spit that fast go and get that cash.” While Lexz Pryde talks about hustling and keeps working hard “Nine To Five, Keep You Head Up, The Change is Gonna Come”.

Emiway prompts something else, he talks about what you get in return when you have worked hard and stay true to your goals. And that great things happen to those who keep grinding and hustle hard.

Emiway New World music video is not out yet. It is also not certain whether the video will be shot or not. We’ll update whenever the news comes out. (check: most disliked videos on youtube.)

Also make sure you listen to New World’s original song ‘Motivate’ Lexz feat Snoop Dogg.

Emiway New World Original Version ‘Motivate’

It is not the first time that an American rapper has collaborated with an Indian artist. It happened in Gully Boy’s programme last year when NAS, American rapper and songwriter, was featured in ‘NY Se Mumbai’ alongside Divine.

Divine is known as the guy who started the underground Hip-Hop culture in India. He formed an indie organization ‘Gully Gang’ which contained the best rappers from India. Emiway Bantai was once part of it but then he decided to quit due to personal reasons.

Recently Divine & Emiway started a diss war, taking hits on each other as one artist said something disrespectful. (Read Emiway vs Divine feud in detail & Truce.)


[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, Lil’ homie
Recognize game when it’s in your face
Elevate, educate, motivate (Dig)

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Ride, ride, rippedy ride
Let me tell you Lil’ some ’bout pride (Wow)
Slide, slide, slippedy slide
And I’ma take you for a walk on the wild side
Hold down, slow down, graduate
The way you move it, you’ll catch a case
‘Cause I know that what’s at stake
All work and no play
Boy, you better not diss that class
Spit that fast, you better go and get that cash
Oh, you like being a fool, packing a tool
Boy, you better get in school
How you think that I got mine?
You better read between the lines
Yeah, ’cause life ain’t fair
You better get up, get out and go, get there

[Chorus: Lexz Pryde]
My people gonna motivate
Climb to the top of the Empire State
My people gonna motivate
A new world awaits
My people motivate
Those people gonna motivate
All people gonna motivate
Gotta make it happen before it’s too late

[Verse 2: Lexz Pryde]
All work no play I got to getaway
Nine to five every day
Just ain’t the life for the
I am doing everything i can
I need a master plan
I really need to find the way
There’s so much wheeling, dealing, cheating stealing, backbiting even healing
Turn around(Turn around) stay inbound
You got a hold on
Gotta Stay Strong
Keep your head up the change is gonna come

[Chorus: Lexz Pryde]
My people gonna motivate
Climb to the top of the Empire State
My people gonna motivate
A new world awaits
My people motivate
Those people gonna motivate
All people gonna motivate
Gotta make it happen before it’s too late

[Verse 3: Emiway]
Main jiyun zindagi ko mere hisaab se
Sirf kaam ki baat na bakta anaab shanaab
Main hoshiyaar bachpan se
Haan tsunami agar lalchi hai laala
Toh fir rasta naap le

Bhookh aaj bhi utna hi jitna kal tha
Log bhi badalte the jaisa mausam badalta
Par chalta rehta tha gaadi tera kaiko band tha
Aankh khol chhote har jagah dikhega bantai

Aye mera flow bada nasty hai
Pehnaave se leke sab kuch mein bhai tera classy hai
Life is so bright nahin chalta bina main glass liye

Aankhon pe hai chashma sabke
Par kispe bhi khaas nahin lagta hai
Fans tere bhi hai fir bhi
Pankha fast nahin lagta hai
Ek puff mara fir tu agla khaasne lagta hai

Kyu? Mere jaise few
Beta tere jaise bahut saare kyu
Achi cheezon pe karo jaao concentrate
Simple cheezon ko simple rehne do complicate mat karo
Compliment to karo consistent toh raho
Kaabil khud se bano dusro ko karo jao motivate..

[Chorus: Lexz Pryde]
My people gonna motivate
Climb at the top of the empire state
My people gonna motivate
A new world awaits
My people gonna motivate
Those people gonna motivate
Our people gonna motivate
Gotta make it happen before it’s too late

Note: Lyrics courtesy of https://genius.com/Emiway-and-lexz-pryde-new-world-lyrics

Did you like Emiway New World Snoop Dogg song? Tell us in the comment section. And stay tuned for more future updates.

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