[UPDATE] Emiway Bantai vs Divine Beef: Artists Agreed To A Truce

Divine vs Emiway

Emiway Bantai and Divine had recently started a beef among them by putting out dissing tracks. It may come to you as a surprise but the artists have made a truce that no more Bantai vs Divine diss fight/feud will happen. Is it true that Divine and Emiway made a truce and peace with each other? Read to find out.

The matter heated when Divine, during a live session on Instagram, spoke to his audience about some artist who claim to be the greatest rapper or entertainer by having millions of views on his YouTube channel. Indirectly speaking of Emiway Bantai.

Bantai is a Mumbai based rapper whose real name is Bilal Shaikh. He uses a mix of Hip Hop, R&B to entertain his audience. He is not liked well in the industry because of the fact that he got so much attention during such a short period of time both as a rapper and songwriter.

His song Machayenge crossed over 100 Million views and its sequel Firse Machayenge has over 111 Million views as of right now.

Emiway vs Divine Recent Fight

The feud began when Emiway dropped a song titled ‘Hard’ past week replying to Divine to clear the allegations made by the Gully Gang leader.

Divine vs Emiway

To which Divine replied with two of his songs, titled ‘Chaabi Wala Bandar’ & ‘Sach Bol Patta’. Divine had never released a dissing track in his entire career till now. He did explain this in a recent live session with Emiway Bantai, wanna know the answer? Keep Reading.

And as expected, Bantai released a song titled ‘Gully Ka Kutta’. Emiway Bantai had to reply back, otherwise his audience would have gotten furious.

Read in detail about how Emiway vs Divine Diss started. We have already written an in detail article on that.

Coming to the hot topic of today Emiway vs Divine Live Session – Agreeing to a Truce – No fight from now on.

Divine and Emiway Bantai Truce

On the night of 26th April 2020, Emiway Bantai got live on his Instagram account and talked to his fans over there. Clearing out the air that they have no fight between them and that they support each other.

In that interview, something strange happened. Divine also got invited by the Emiway Bantai to speak to his audience about why they started the dissing scene past week. What went wrong between the same city rappers?

Initially Gully Gang leader Divine thought that Emiway Bantai mocked his religion by mentioning “Jingle Bell & Merry Christmas” in a verse in his song “Hard”. After listening to that, Divine was raging and he released not one but two tracks back to back to diss Emiway Bantai. See for yourself, the live session clip is added below.

After dropping two songs, Emiway Bantai called Divine over the phone to clear this misunderstanding. He said it was rhyming well with the Jingle Bell, so he put ‘Merry Christmas’ with that. He had no intention of harming or defaming any religion.

He goes on to say that his mother’s sister is Catholic and that his mother has Hindu members in her family. And his father was a Muslim and that he himself is a Muslim. He would never hurt and speak wrong of any religion.

He won the hearts of public, and Divine was very much pleased to listen to Bantai’s explanation of the song ‘Hard’.

Ranveer Singh and Divine

Later in the Live Session, both the artists said that they love the Bombay’s Public, it is their homeground. It’s the place where it all began for every one of them and that they respect their audience.

And that Mumbai and Maharashtra are the most affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. They asked fans to stay home and stay safe. And that the 3 diss tracks must have entertained them a little. Divine says, “Public ne 3 Gaane ka Maza Le Liya”.

Bantai and Divine agreed to a truce in the end of the session saying that diss culture brings nothing but hate in the industry and its not good for the audience as well. It produce rage and uncontrollable flow of emotions. Hence, they made peace with each other.

We think its good the artists have made peace with each other. We shall expect no diss tracks from either rappper. Although people were expecting the war to go on for a considerable amount of time.

However, nothing can be said for sure. What do you think? Has the feud ended or is it just the beginning? Let us know in the comments down below. And stay tuned for more updates.

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