Facebook Down Once Again: The site comes to a two minute deadlock, halting all its services worldwide

Facebook Down: The social networking giant had a sudden halt around 11:57 IST. Facebook has reported down a few hours ago, though the details regarding the same are not crystal clear. It was put away calling it an unexpected shutdown.

Check: Facebook Messenger Down.

Though the shutdown lasted for only around two minutes after initial reporting. This small glitch is called to be a small bug that was debugged by the immediate or the rapid action team for the host.

Along with the FB desktop version, its mobile version also collapsed pointing directly to the fact that the mainframe servers along with backups ones were affected.

Facebook Down

Even after the recovery, all the features were not fully functional. News feed and timeline pages started responding for various active users around the world but the “Messages” service was still under the arm.

Facebook Messenger Down
Facebook Messenger Down

Though the messenger server has been shifted to a totally new domain – messenger.com for the sake of load balancing, still the site observed a halt in its various services for most of the active users around the world.

Reporting of phone calls and video calls being disconnected initiated the rapid response team action.
Though the features like comment and emotions were up after a time span of just two minutes, various other features like Pages, Groups, and recent messages still left unsolved.

Finally after a total span of 13 minutes, the social networking giant was back fully functional with all its services and features responding to all the users’ active worldwide.

Facebook Down

Another viewpoint for the same could be the updating of services and features in the FB messenger thus creating the user experience even wider and lavishing.

Beginning with making it simpler and easier to start a conversation, now you can find your conversations and ways to connect right where you need.

Using the messenger, you will still see the recent unread messages that you have got stacked in the top of the list, immediately followed up by a Favourites section, spotlighting the people your message or call more often thus providing you even easier access to get to ones you want to more quickly.

Facebook Down
Facebook Down

Along with the Facebook, messenger provides the emojis and smileys to enhance the user experience during conversation sharing feelings and mood via this emojis and smileys. Earlier these used to be simple 2-D icons, but now Facebook recently changed it to 3-D adding more fun to the chatting experience of the Facebook messenger users.

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