George Floyd Death Conspiracy Theories: Debunking Disinformation and Misinformation

George Floyd Death Conspiracy Theories
George Floyd Death Conspiracy Theories: Disinformation and Misinformation

The internet is a source of massive information but everything available is not legit. Specifically, social media is filled with various type of content which doesn’t have a label and could be fake.

The death of George Floyd turned into riots, fire, and damage to the nation because of a video. That video is no doubt real. The conspiracy part started after the citizens came out of their houses for protest.

Some people just want to grab the following by sharing something hateful during the trend.

George Floyd Death Conspiracy Theories

The Bricks Video Shared by ‘The White House’

There is a shocking tweet made by the official twitter account of ‘The White House’ showing bricks and claiming it to be a set-up for riots initiation. (check: Was George Floyd A Career Criminal?)

George Floyd Conspiracy

But this tweet was soon deleted until it has been viewed more than 1 million times. This video showed a stack of bricks in the streets of various cities. And are being used by protestors which led to violence.

The tweet clearly says that ‘The White House’ has accused Antifa, the anti-fascist group for this domestic terror. However, they didn’t share any evidence for the verification of their claims.

In the early times of this week, BBC’s team has investigated some of these videos and found that these bricks were lying on the streets before the George Floyd protest.

There are a large number of videos that have been watched millions of times and engaged many people. But somebody has compiled the old videos and posted under the name of George Floyd protest and it went viral.

The Staged Event Theory

The staged event post has reached a huge portion of the population who use Facebook in their daily lives. (check: Update on Derek Chauvin.)

George Floyd Conspiracy Theories
Source: Facebook

The Bexar County GOP Chairwoman Cynthia Brehm has posted the same thing which eventually made many prominent Texas republicans resign from their job. Governor Greg Abbott is one of those who resigned.

The Lester also made the things clear on his post shown above by commenting. He says he got two phone calls from the journalist regarding the post. He said he would also ready to resign if Governor Abbott does it.

George Floyd Conspiracy Theories
Source: Facebook

However, in an interview with CBS19, he said,

I wasn’t there [when Floyd got killed]. I don’t know what went on.

If you want to know more about this theory check out this –> The death of George Floyd was a “staged event.”

Fake Police Loot Theory

First of all look at this picture shared on twitter,

George Floyd Conspiracy Theories

If you don’t know anything about the context of the photo above then anyone can make up a story out of it. In the majority of cases, something negative is expected. (check: Thomas Lane update.)

The same thing happened with this post shared on twitter. The police officer shown in the picture is accused of looting shops and putting trainer boxes in Chicago.

But after the investigation, the Chicago police concluded that these are false claims. The actual case was completely opposite, the policeman in the picture is helping the burglary victim. He is helping to load the victim’s thing in the car.

The shop owner confirmed the incident after watching the photo that the detective actually returning the looted goods. (check: Tou Thao Update.)

The White House Lights Out Theory

Have you ever seen, The White House without any lights?

George Floyd Conspiracy Theories

This is one of the most shared pictures on twitter, Hillary Clinton also shared it. The sole motto behind sharing this photo during the protest is to criticize the leadership of Donald Trump.

However, when investigated, the reports revealed that it is an old photo that was taken in 2014 and it is altered to look like lights are off. (check: J Alexander Kueng Update.)

The altered image also appeared on the spoof news site, News Thump in 2017 showing Donald Trump hiding from the FBI by turning off the lights.

Richard Smith the managing editor of News Thump said,

Obviously the purpose of our photoshop wasn’t to mislead, but to complement a joke we were making

Pete Evans’ Says George Floyd Riots are Media Conspiracy

Pete Evans has posted bizarre posts on his social media account saying George Floyd riots as media conspiracy and supporting Donald Trump.

Evans also showed his support to Trump’s military warning to the protesters for shutting down the protest. He also claimed that all of these riots are happening just to distract the citizens from the pandemic.

George Floyd Conspiracy Theories

Apart from this post, he also shared a video featuring Trump’s speech in which the President threatened the use of the military for controlling the riots across the nations.

And eventually, his fans were not happy with all of this. Some of his followers write,

I have no respect left for you Pete!

This is a disgrace

NOTE: The story (George Floyd death conspiracy theories) is being developed. So, please stay tuned.

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  1. who are what….was in that gold casket? They had a chance to show the world it was really was the person in the video and put rumors to rest.

  2. Hey, here is a thought. How about to prove he is dead someone people can trust and not the media…go down to the casket where it is buried and open it! Prove it! I have doubts and think this is all staged!!! Comparing the videos from all angles..not adding up.

  3. Is it possible that George Floyd was having a heart attack when he was led to the police car? When he reached the police car he collapsed to the ground, then as they lifted him into the police car he was already complaining about not being able to breathe. Could it be that the police were unaware that he was experiencing symptoms of a heart attack. He did not die at the scene of the incident, he died at the hospital, and the medical examiner there reported the cause of death was cardiac arrest. The report also showed that Floyd had underlying heart conditions that made him sensitive to stress, as well as dangerous drugs in his system.

  4. It’s most definitely a staged event, not done very well either. So many f/u’s…calling it a hasty amateur hack job would be a huge compliment. PLUS, insult to injury…the official cause of death was recorded as Covid19, because they claim he tested positive at some point. Of course. 2 fake birds with one stone. Test Covid positive, get hit by a train 6 months later=Covid kill. Stupid gullible, enabling Americans, aka libtards…RIP dignity.


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