Home Festivals Happy Hug Day 2018: What are the benefits of hugging for us?

Happy Hug Day 2018: What are the benefits of hugging for us?


Happy Hug Day 2018: Now, the main day of this season of love is just one day away. And today is the day for hugging. Since many years ago, Valentine’s week was just celebrated by the love couples. But there are some days which are not just meant for the people in romance.

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Nowadays, some of the days like Hug Day is the one. We can hug anyone we know. And this anyone could be your family member, friend or your partner. There are certain benefits of hugging in human life which we will discuss in the preceding paragraphs

The week dedicated to the love couples every year starts on 7 Feb and ends on 14 Feb with Valentine’s Day. And the day has its own meaning and rest of them were created in the modern world. The Valentine’s day is celebrated as a tribute to Saint Valentinus.

Happy Hug Day 2018

Happy Hug Day 2018

Now coming to the main topic. If you hug someone then he/she will feel or realise their importance in your life. The psychology says that if we continuously hug for 20 seconds then the bond between them will stronger than ever.

Most of the couples together work to make their financial grounds strong. At the end of the day, both of them are tired. If they after completing their hug tight each other then all of your tiredness will vanish and your partner will get to know that you care.

Happy Hug Day 2018 Benefits

This is the natural stress relievers which should be done daily which will, in turn, bring honesty and trust in a relationship. This physical activity is the silent sentence for conveying your love to your partner.

Certain circumstances will come in front of you if you are in a relationship that sometimes due to quarrel type conversion some distance builds up. At that, you must go closer to your partner and hug her/him tight and say “forget everything”. Then you will come to know the power of this

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