Happy Independence Day 2018 Wishes and Quotes: Feel proud on this special occasion

Happy Independence Day 2018 Wishes and Quotes: The day of freedom has arrived and this time it’s 72nd day everyone will be celebrating it. After huge sacrifices of the freedom fighters, we get our country back as a gift. The respect to them must be given whenever any citizen has time to show.

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We should not only thank the freedom fighter. In addition, we must thank our armed forces and the farmer because of them we are able to see 72nd independence day. It’s not easy to be an army man. He is the one who sacrifices his personal life and leisure for the protection of our country at the borders.

Happy Independence Day 2018 Wishes and Quotes

But with this freedom, a part of Hindostan is now known as Pakistan which is the saddest part. Pakistan celebrates its independence on 14th of August. Britishers are the one who divided the two religion this tragedy happened. Anyhow, we must try to improve our relationship with our neighbours.

Happy Independence Day 2018 Wishes and Quotes

Today, we have so many rights to do many things without any fear or distractions. This is only possible in a democratic independent nation like ours. Our nation also has a unique presence in the world because of the secular mindset of the citizens.

  1. Liberty is constantly risky, yet it is the most secure thing we have.
  2. It is the day to salute each one of the individuals who turned into the reason of this land.
  3. Offer thanks providing for god for the endowment of Independence. Have an extremely Happy Independence Day
  4. In the most genuine sense, freedom can’t be presented: it must be won!
  5. Pride in our souls, confidence in words, freedom as a top priority is the genuine reward of a free nation. We should all guarantee that we will battle fear based oppressor to our final gasp. Promise to secure our country with all we have. That is the genuine soul of patriotism.
  6. As our flag moves up high, let each fold bring pride, wonder, and delight to your heart. May you exist to witness every one of the fantasies you have for this nation work out.
  7. Loved Indians,
    Give us a chance to celebrate and appreciate the opportunity to live
    freely in our nation Cheerfully,
    Helpfully, Hopefully, Peacefully by recollecting
    our National Heroes who gave us
    Opportunity subsequent to torment and embarrassment.
    A Proud Indian
  8. Thousands set out their lives so
    that our nation is breathing this day
    Always remember their forfeit.
  9. On this 15 August, may you appreciate the opportunity the one cherished in our constitution; as well as may you be honoured with the freedom of brain, thought and soul!
  10. Independence is one of the profitable endowments that one can appreciate. The expectation that God’s endowments are dependable with us so the coming ages can likewise appreciate the products of independence. Appreciate and have an extraordinary day.

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