Happy Janmashtami 2016 Lord Krishna Birthday: Quotes, Wishes, SMS, and Images

Happy Janmashtami 2016: Janmashtami will be celebrated on 25th August this year, after which on the next day the festival of Dahi Handi will be celebrated. Janmashtami is celebrated to mark the birth of Hindu Deity Lord Krishna who was born around 5200 years ago, in the holy city of Mathura.

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On this day, the special celebration is performed in the city of Mathura, Vrindavan featuring the dance drama events themed on the life of Lord Krishna. Other than this, Rasa Lila shows the days of Lord Krishna when he was Young.  Also, Dahi Handi is also celebrated and has become a famous ritual in India. This is celebrated to enact the Lord Krishna’s playful nature wherein he used to break the pot of curd.

Lord Krishna was born to King Vasudeva and princess Devaki in a prison in the custody of his evil king Kansa. Later, soon after his birth he was handed to Vasudeva’s friend Nanda and was brought up by him and Yashoda in Gokul.

Happy Janmashtami 2016

On this day, devotees also keep fast. They also place the Lord Krishna’s idol in a cradle, singing devotional songs alongside. Also, the Mahurat and other special timings are predicted by the pundits for the people to perform some special task, or for inauguration purposes.

Happy Janmashtami 2016 Quotes, Wishes, SMS, and Images

The festival brings the people a goodwill and hope as Lord Krishna is considered on the most powerful incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The festival is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and love. The day is also known by the name of Gokulashtami or Krishna Janmashtami.

Happy Janmashtami 2016 Wishes
Happy Janmashtami 2016 Wishes
  • Mohan murali Wala aaya Raas rachane Wala aaya Deen dayaal daya kar mujh pe Bhav saagar se paar kar Mujhe Gokul Ashtami sabke Jeevan me khushiyan laaye!
  • नन्द के घर आनंद ही आनंद भयो ,जो नन्द के घर गोपाल आयो , जय हो मुरलीधर गोपाल की , जय हो कन्हिया लाल की Happy Janmashtami.
  • I wish you happy Janmashtami and implore God for your prosperous life. May you discover every one of the enjoyments of life. May your everything dreams work out as expected. My all the best will dependably be with you.
  • For this, is a unique time when family
    Also, companions get together,for fun.
    Wishing giggling and amusing to cheer your days,
    In this happy period of Janmashtami and dependable. Happy Krishna Janmashtami
  • May Lord Krishna take every one of your pressures and stresses on this Janmashtami and give all of you the adoration, peace, and bliss. Happy Janmashtmi! Jay Shri Krishna…

Happy Janmashtami 2016 quotes

  • Observing Lord Krishna’s birthday helps in arousing our soul and helps us To remember His nearness dependably! Happy Janmashtami.
  • Today is an uncommon day for us,
    As our Lord Krishna was conceived on this day,
    He was destined to battle against cruelty,
    What’s more, to spare everyone of us from indecencies.
    Happy Janmashtami 2016.
  • I wish u Happy Krishna Janmashtami and I go to God for your prosperous life May you discover every one of the joys of life may your everything dreams work out as expected My all the best will dependably be with You.
Happy Janmashtami 2016 Images
Happy Janmashtami 2016 Images
  • On the off chance that things are going on as indicated by your wish,then u r fortunate yet in the event that things not Happening as indicated by you then Krishna’s wish. Krishna Janmashtami.
  • Lord Krishna said: Whatever has a place with you today, had a place with another person yesterday and it will have a place with another person tomorrow. Try not to be illusioned by Maya. Maya is the underlying driver of all agony and hopelessness. Happy Janmashtami… !

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