Happy Republic Day 2016: Best Quotes And Wishes To Show Patriotism

Happy Republic Day 2016: Whenever it is about India, we always add “Incredible” with India. As we all know, our Nation is going to celebrate its 67th Republic Day on this Tuesday. As we all know, Republic Day is celebrated in the presentation of “Constitution of India” on 26 January 1950.

The constitution was Framed by the Indian Constitution Assembly on 26 January 1949, but “Purna Swaraj” was declared on this date in 1930. Like every year, we will see India demonstrate its culture and power to the world through the very famous republic day parade held at the Rajpath.


All the preparations have been scheduled, the Ceremonial Parade, welcome ceremony Chief guest for President of France “Francois Hollande” with the prodigious security system in the sake of precautions due to recent terror activity at Pathankot.

Happy Republic Day 2016 Quotes Wishes

Sources report that it has been ensured, this time, people may experience an extraordinary arrangements and parade like Foreign contingent is going to participate at Rajpath, the unique thing on this auspicious day is that Army has trained canines those are expected to march in a parade.


They have specifically been trained for the specific purpose like explosives detection, guarding, assaulting. They have selected breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds. They are going to grab a special attention and will charge an extreme positivity in the environment as they are really playing an important role in the soldiers life.

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Changes that have been made for this year of Republic Day celebration is appreciated and Duration is one of them. As the news has brought down, it has been said that celebration is 25 minutes shorter than the previous one. The second Attraction would be that All  women contingent will be going to perform the stunt during the ceremony, it will be a Proud moment for our Nation.


There are some more special arrangements has been done to rectify our last mistake which had been notified where Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were holiday umbrellas to protect themselves, now VVIP enclosure have all settled up with a motorised glass roof to get shelter from the unexpected weather. This time, Delhi police have made very strict security arrangements. The wireless Integrated Public Address system are being addressed at several crowded place and metro stations. May this year will prove to be good and fruitful. Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day!

  • Dosto aaj mein aapko ek fact bata hoon,
    New Year aane par to log 26 din pehle sewish karne lagte hai,
    Magar ab to 26 January aane wali hai,
    Aur abhi tak koi message nahi or koi wishes nahi,
    Sharam kar lo bharat ke logo,
    Happy republic day bolo….
  • A large number of individuals set out their lives..so that our nation breath Today..never overlook their sacrifice.

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  • On this day consider ur past and
    Attempt to fabricated better future for every one of us.
    It is an obligation of every one of us!!
    I am pleased to be an Indian.
    Happy Republic Day
  • On the Republic Day
    How about we bear on ceremonially recalling
    one another and welcome
    on events, on commemorations;
    how about we bear on to check years,
    add the numbers,
    for the pleasure of directors
    of our undertakings;
    how about we seek after the enchantment wand
    to work supernatural occurrences by the turn
    of the unending night.

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