How to bet on tennis and win: Top tips

How to bet on tennis and win: Top tips
How to bet on tennis and win: Top tips

Tennis betting is becoming more and more popular among sports bettors. It’s beginning to gain as much popularity as football events and horse racing events (like the Belmont stakes). Fans all over the world now wager on their favourite players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams. This is possible with the use of legal sports betting platforms.

You can check out various tipsters as they give free tennis betting tips to help you know how to bet on tennis and win. The predictions can be on the winner and/or the number of sets and games. The tennis over/under sets predictions is used to wager on the number of sets in a match. Different countries have popular bookies that post tennis odds.

In India, you can check out bet on tennis, using platforms like 1xbet and Betway. They are the top betting sites in the region and offer attractive online betting offers which allow you to increase your deposit. There are lots of tennis tournaments but the Grand Slams are the major ones. There are 4 Grand Slam events: the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. Others are Davis Cup, WTA FINALS, ATP FINALS and Summer Olympic games.

By the end of this article, you would be equipped with all the knowledge you need to know how to bet on tennis, the top tennis betting odds, options, and markets; as well as a number of tips to place better bets.

What is special about tennis betting?

Tennis betting is deemed to be more exciting and easier to prepare, compared to team sports. This is because this sport usually involves 2 players majorly except in doubles playing against each other.

There are so many tennis betting options available in each of the competitions. As a punter, you wager on your favourites and win. Some of the options include live betting and outrights. With the latter, you can wager on the final results of the competition and players to reach different stages.

Tennis bettors get bonuses and freebies from top bookies, which improve betting. Apart from this, it is easier to analyze to win a bet on tennis. This is due to the fact that bookmakers set odds that represent the rankings and strengths of each player.

Top betting markets and odds for tennis

There are several ways to bet on a tennis match. However, you will be introduced to the most popular betting markets.

The Handicap Betting Market is for you if you want to bet on the margin with which the tennis player will win or lose a game. It is also known as tennis betting lines. E.g., John Isner at (+2.5), this means Isner must either win the match or lose by one or two sets. If he loses by three sets, then you lose the bet. This market favours the underdog and gives them a virtual advantage.

The match Betting option is used to bet on the individual match winner, you predict one of player a or player b will win. The future/outright bets are made on players that can reach the knockouts stages and finals. Bettors can bet Andy Murray to win a tournament before it starts. This is an example of future bets.

An Over/Under bet is a bet on how many sets or games a tennis match will have before completion. In set betting, you are predicting the total number of sets in the match. And finally, the live betting market involves you placing your bets while the game is in-play.

The odds offered are usually dynamic and constantly change, based on the latest developments in the match. Live betting has several wagers under it and has countless advantages for a tennis bettor.

Top points to consider when betting on tennis

The game of tennis is not as straightforward as most other sports when it comes to context and matchups. For this reason, there are particular points that prospective tennis bettors must pay attention to before placing their bets, so as not to maximally cash out.

The first point to take note of, as a tennis bettor, is the surface of the tennis court. Within the professional tours, there are 3 courts that tennis can be played on – hard courts, clay courts and grass courts.

Each tennis player has advantages, disadvantages and preferences when playing on each surface. This leads to different results, depending on the surface they are playing. For example, over the past year, Casper Ruud has had a win rate of 80% on clay; but on grass, he is at 50% and on hard courts, he’s below 35%.

Another point to consider is travel and fatigue. Tennis is highly context-dependent and there are tennis tournaments taking place each week, all year long. This could lead to a player competing, on little rest, with another tennis player who is more rested.

Oddsmakers usually factor this into their tennis betting lines. But if you can discern extra value on a player, owing to his rest, especially in grand slam tournaments, you must note it.

Considering the save percentage and break point conversion of a tennis player is also imperative. Tennis relies heavily on big moments. A great indicator of a big point is in the form of breakpoints where servers are almost losing a match they are almost always expected to win.

This is all variable based on who is playing and the type of game it is. But identifying players that do well in these profits can greatly improve profits.

Do’s and don’ts when doing a bet on tennis

Do look at the stats. There are several free resources on tennis players. Make sure you tap from it. This should make a difference in who you bet on and why.

Do analyse betting surfaces. As earlier mentioned, tennis players have preferences for different surfaces. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

Capitalise on the pre-match drifters. The odds of a player usually change significantly. This could be due to several issues like fitness issues, lack of motivation, etc. It is crucial to capitalize on these drifters, as a tennis bettor, to establish the most likely player to come out as the tournament winner.

Do keep a record of every bet placed on tennis.

Don’t overvalue head-to-heads. Head-to-heads are one of the most complicated statistics to interpret in tennis. And without doubt, they are worth it. However, their probabilities are not immensely valuable.

Don’t place too much emphasis on recent forms and rankings. More importantly, a tennis bettor should be aware of the game style of each tennis player.

Don’t parlay moneyline favourites. While it’s easy to believe that the more accomplished & talented player will win, this isn’t always the case. Tennis has many upsets and draws cannot be predicted.

Don’t over-leverage your bankroll.


Tennis Betting is not going anywhere, for a long time. So, while it may be tempting to want to rush things, it is advisable that you start small, and patiently test your strategies.

Put your stake in a trusted bookmaker, bet away, possibly earn a free bet, work hard, DYOR and soon enough, you will be rolling in the dough!

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