Google Trends Analysis For “How Long is a Fortnight?”: Read To Know Why People Search For This!

Google Trends Analysis For

“How Long is a Fortnight?”, it’s strange to see people looking for this on Google search engine. Well, people across the globe are searching for this query to get the answer. Before diving deep into the analysis, let me tell exactly how long is a fortnight?


Fortnight is simply a period of 14 days or 2 weeks. The word is originated from the ‘Fourteen Nights’ which is abbreviated as ‘Fortnight’. People search for this mainly because it is a word of British English.

British English is somewhat difficult or complicated than that of the US. So, only some third world countries along with the UK know about this. Most US citizen doesn’t know about this word. Here is the google trend for this keyword,

Google Trends Analysis For “How Long is a Fortnight?”

The above data shows the trend of google search in the USA for the past 12 months. There are various other terms that hardly every English speaking person knows. Being in India, I studied British English, so, I am aware of this word from the time of my primary school.

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US English has depreciated many words and formatting to make it more simple to learn, understand, read, and write. But still, there are many people who use those traditional words.

Some of the complex words are informal, omitting them out hardly made any difference. This is all about the reason why people search for this query on Google search engine.

Apart from this, there is a popular game having the same pronunciation, ‘Fortnite’. This game is very much popular and people also search for ‘How long is Fortnite’ or ‘How long is a Fortnite Game’.

Due to this, there is some confusion between the spelling of these two similar words. And people end up searching for something else instead of their main query.

The Fortnite is very much popular than a fortnight. This could be another reason. If you are a gamer then give your views on this in the comment section below.

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