Indian Premier League 2016- Read To Know The Two New Teams.

Indian Premier League 2016:

Yes! The Indian Premier League (IPL) will be holding its next season IPL 9 from he 9th of April next year and conclude on the 29th of May. The Tournament will begin Five days after the cessation of the ICC Word Twenty20 which will be hosted by India.

The much talked about new teams to replace the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals are Rajkot and Pune.

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New Rising- a company owned by business Sanjiv Goenka a tycoon based in Kolkata has bought the Pune Franchise. The Rajkot bid was won by the Index Mobiles. The draft picks for the two new franchise will be held on December 15, where Pune gets to pick its players first.

Indian Premier League 2016:


The owners get the option to choose players from the two replaced teams CSK and RR, who will be divided into two groups of capped and uncapped while the top names will be sold off through the draft system. The two teams are expected to buy their players with a minimum of Rs 40 crore and a maximum of Rs 60 crores.

the unchosen players will be put to the general pool to be available for fresh auction, scheduled from February 6 in Bengaluru.

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While the suspended teams: CSK and RR will only be back after serving out their suspension.

A Franchise workshop in Srinagar on the 13 and 14 January is announced by the BCCI.




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