Instagram Name Change Prank 2020: How To Change Instagram Name/Username More Than Twice in 14 Days (3 times Solution)?

instagram prank
instagram prank

The Instagram name change prank is surfacing across social media platforms WhatsApp & Facebook in May 2020. If you fell for this Instagram Prank then read to find out if you can or cannot revert the account name?

The latest Instagram Prank includes changing the ‘Account Name’ by which we introduce ourselves to our followers. People can be tricked into changing their names into funny ones, like ‘Stupid Amit’, ‘Dhinchak Radhika’, and xyz anything.

This is different from ‘Instagram Username’, starting by ‘@xyz’ for example Salman Khan’s Instagram name is ‘Salman Khan’ and username is ‘@beingsalmankhan’.

UPDATE: You can change your Account Name with a simple trick in 4 Steps.
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This Instagram Prank is completely safe but might hurt their feelings, though you should try doing this latest prank to your friends.

instagram prank
Instagram prank

How to Do Instagram Name Change Prank?

It is really easy. Confidence is the only skill required to do this prank. You have to make them believe to change their Instagram account name at least twice. After which they would not be able to change it for the third (3) time. This Instagram Name Change Prank is done as follows:-

  • Approach your friend that you have some assignments to complete for your school or college project.
  • Tell them you are looking for people to try something new and convince them somehow to modify their name.
    • For example, if their name is Salman Khan.
    • First ask them to delete their name and save it.
    • Then ask them to put any funny prefix before Salman which they like. Or use your imagination, suggest some funny prefixes like ‘Dhinchak’, ‘Barbie Doll’ (in case of girls), Chep (Sticky Person) or ‘I am Stupid’ etc.

And Hurray! Next thing you know, they will be facing embarrassment for 14 days as people will address him with the strange ridiculous Instagram name you just made him write for his/her profile.

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When he/she tries to change their name for the third time. Instagram will not permit them due to security reasons, it will show the following error:-

“You cannot change your name at this time because you have changed it twice within 14 days.”

I fell for this Instagram Name Change Prank myself. However, I managed to not make my Instagram Name not so funny (see below). And I took my revenge. So I thought why not share the name change Instagram Prank with you guys. Follow me if you have a thing for photography & travelling, click Sachin Jangra.

name change Instagram prank
Instagram Name Change Prank

Can You Update/Change Instagram Account Name More Than Twice in 14 Days?

The answer is NO! There is no solution other than just waiting for the lock period to get over. The Instagram name cannot be changed for the next 14 days. It will be stuck like a sticky-note, and the adhesive won’t degrade for the next two weeks. There is a limit and there is no way.

UPDATE: You can change your Account Name with a simple trick in 4 Steps.
Read – Guaranteed Trick – How to Change Instagram Name before 14 days

Earlier, people misused the feature of changing the name. So, in 2019, Instagram made a change in its policy and restricted people from changing their profile names more than twice within two weeks. The social media giant took this step considering it as a security measure. Also, the site takes care that the previous/old name stays available during that time period.

However, people are spreading fake information on how to change Instagram Name more than twice (thrice) in 14 days! And if you have fallen for this news, I hate it to break it to you. But you have been fooled for the second time in 14 days, forgive me for the PJ. There is no trick for now.

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They suggest that Instagram Name can be changed by temporarily disabling your account and reactivating it after some time. This trick is of no use.

Then you might probably question, how to tackle this situation. There are two options and none of them include any tricks or tips to revert the name.

  1. You can temporarily disable your Instagram account. And re-activate it after the time period of 14 days is complete. Then modify the name and use it as you did in the past.
  2. Try to live with that name for two weeks. Ask yourself, how worse it can be? It might sound a little embarrassed. To that friend who mocks you excessively, you can try to pull this Instagram Prank on this companion.

UPDATE 1: It is highly unlikely to change Instagram name before 14 days. However, you can still do one thing. I’m not guaranteeing you will get the desired results but it is worth a try and some users have said they managed to change Instagram name thrice. It goes like this:-

  • Go to the Settings page in your Instagram Account.
  • Look for Help section.
  • Tap on Report a Problem.
  • Select ‘Something isn’t Working’.
  • Type in the message that you were pranked by friends.
  • Instagram will return back to you in 1-2 Days with a message.
    • If they accept your proposal, you will be able to change your name otherwise not.

Make sure you write as concise as possible, elaborate the problem you are facing. You have to convince himself that something wrong happened to your account and that you want to gain total control over your Instagram account as soon as possible. Otherwise you might suffer on your Birthday 😛

Some people mentioned they changed their Business Account Name by chance or someone is having a huge following and the ‘current name’ looks absurd to the eyes and can be really bad for you if you are a social-influencer.

How to change Instagram Profile Name or Username?

We have already stated above that you can’t change your account/profile name on Instagram more than twice (3 times) in 14 days. However, if you are still genuinely interested in knowing how to change your name or username on the platform or if you actually don’t know how to do it, then we are here at your service.

Note: You can change your Instagram username as many times as you want as there is no limit on it. However, we don’t appreciate it as it will create confusion among your followers. Also, it shows a lack of authorization.

How to change your Instagram name in the app

  1. Open the Instagram app on the mobile/tablet
  2. Tap on the account icon on the bottom left of your screen. It will take you to the profile page
  3. If you have logged in with multiple Insta accounts, tap on the profile name on the top left, and select the account that you want to modify
  4. Then, tap the Edit Profile link
  5. On the Edit Profile page, tap on the field next to Name or Username (whichever you like to change).
  6. Type your new profile name or username
  7. Tap on the Save button to save the changes.

How to change your Instagram name in a web browser

  1. Open
  2. Click on the account icon present on the top right of the screen.
  3. Click in the field against name or username that you would like to change
  4. Type your changes
  5. Click on the Submit button to save your new names.

I hope you liked the Instagram Name Change Prank. If you find some way to change your name somehow, we will be pleased to share it with other fellow users.

Stay tuned for more Instagram Prank news. We have provided all the information about it.

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        • I mean to say that you can’t rename within 14 days, if you just wait or deactivate your account for the time being. The time duration of 2 weeks needs to be fulfilled before you can make any edit to your account name on Instagram.

          PS: the question wasn’t if you would be able to deactivate your account within 14 days.

      • hello. so just to make sure, it doesn’t matter if my account is deactivated or not, after 14 days I’ll be able to change my name? if it is deactivated in this period, I won’t have to wait for more 14 days?

  1. Is there any genious who descovered how to edit the name on instagram or they are so busy come on brainss workkk pls this is a true problem that derserves to be solved

  2. I’m not only not able to change my name, but any of my Bio info! Will I be able to edit my profile after 14 days? I’ve read there are some people with this problem since 3 months ago

  3. So I disactivated my account after 14 days I can reopen and change my name? ( but won’t instagram delete my account if I don’t reopen after 1 week???)

    • Do not worry about that, Instagram won’t delete your account after 1 week of inactivity. It takes about 24 months of inactivity when Instagram decides to delete an account.

  4. GUYSS!!! Solution!!
    Clear out (backspace delete) the display name and save! You will get your ig username displayed then!

  5. is it true that a username which is not in used (changed by its owner) for 14 days can be used by other account ?


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