Is it Possible to be Debt-Free in 24 Months

Is it Possible to be Debt-Free in 24 Months

For many people, debt is a deeply stressful part of life. Carrying around a financial burden can be exhausting, and it is normal to ask, “Is it possible to be debt-free in 24 months?” Luckily, it is indeed possible to eliminate debt quickly.

Read on for some truly effective credit card debt relief solutions.

Taking Control of Your Spending

The first step to getting out of debt is taking control of your spending. Doing so will help you place your best foot forward when paying back what you owe. Start by assessing your daily, weekly, and monthly spending.

Find costs that you do not mind eliminating and determine the things that you believe are worth spending money on. Set a budget accordingly, and stick to it. Hold off on using your credit cards until you get things back in shape.

Set Goals

Eliminating your debt is a wonderful long-term goal but can be an overwhelming to think about. This is especially true if you owe money to multiple lenders, and at different interest rates. One way to manage your worries is by setting some goals to mark your journey to being debt-free.

If your goal is to do so in 24 months, plan accordingly. Set some expectations for your first few months. If you find that you are not meeting your goals, take a step back, reassess your budget, and move forward. Additionally, try to factor in unexpected costs in your plan to ensure that a broken car or lost cell phone will not unduly set you back.

Prioritize your Debt

Debt comes in all forms, with different levels of urgency across lenders. It can be a good idea to prioritize your debts by interest rates. Paying off sums with higher interest rates will help you lose less money in the process. However, different options work for different people. You may choose to pay off smaller debts first, and then move on to larger sums. This can be motivating and put you on a winning streak.

Confront the Situation

So much guilt is attached to debt and financial struggle. It is easy to keep your bank balance hidden away, until crisis occurs.

However, driving yourself to this point every month is likely to lead to more stress and self-sabotage. Instead, checking in with your financial situation daily is a good idea, as is using a banking app for at-your-fingertips info.

In some cases, you might need to consult the help of debt professionals like those you’ll find at There, you’ll find a host of solution designed to eliminate debt as inexpensively as possible.

Gratitude and Mental Health

However, focusing too much on your debt can make your relationship with money even more unhealthy. Being frugal and living below your means often feels like a thankless journey. It is true that throwing your hard-earned money at debts, instead of into material goods and experiences that make you happy, can be upsetting.

These emotions can make even the most committed person feel like giving up. To avoid slipping, keep in mind all the things you can do, instead of focusing on the cuts that you have made. Consider the opportunities that being debt-free will afford, and frame becoming debt free as a contribution to your own future.

However, if you feel that your financial situation is having an impact on your mental health, it is vital to turn to a professional for help. Keeping yourself safe and healthy is vital, not only to paying off your debts, but to a sustainable and happy life.

Living without debt is freeing. You will be able to have control over your cash flow and choices and have more leverage when negotiating big purchases. You’ll also gain the ability to make your money work for you. With such promises it is natural to ask, “Is it possible to be debt-free in 24 months?” By following the tips above, it is indeed possible to become debt-free in such a short period of time, but y have to be willing to sacrifice to make it.

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