ISIS Suicide bomb blast: 6 killed 10 wounded near the Sinai plane crash site in el-Arish, Egypt

ISIS Suicide bomb blast: 6 killed 10 wounded near the Sinai plane crash site in el-Arish, Egypt: The Islamic State (Isis) affiliated militants have taken up the responsibility of the suicide attack that took place in the el-Arish, an Egyptian city. They used the car as a bomb, which was detonated, which has killed six and wounded 10 people. This incident has taken place near the same place where the debris of Kogalymavia flight 7K9268 had landed after it broke down over Northern Sinai.

A police club was aimed and  targeted according to the Security sources. IS has accepted the bomb attack following the Sinai plane crash. The  security services have tested the Isis and is trying to understand the tactics. This targeting has put security services alert throughout the Northern Sinai.

ISIS Suicide bomb blast near the Sinai plane crash site in Egypt

An image from the Isamic state Sinai province
An image from the Islamic state Sinai province

The Isis has claimed that it had attacked the Russian Airbus 321 and led it down. the disaster killed more than 200 people, most of which were Russian tourists. However, these attacks are being interpreted with both future predictions and skepticism by the experts and analysts.

A Jihadi group killed 44 people in a series of bomb attacks in al- Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and Rafa, near the Israeli borders in which cars and mortars were used which specifically targeted army and military bases. (read: Madhuri Dixit not a part of Baahubali 2.)

An air-ground missile attack was just ruled out due to the CIA satellite imaging of the region and the intelligence reports on the weapon systems that were available to the Is organisation. However, we cannot deny the fact that some sudden mid-air explosion caused the crash.

The forensic experts have confirmed that an explosion had taken place and the plane was on fire before it crashed onto the ground. The people who have been injured and examined show the possible signs what could have possibly happened. A large number of body parts dispersed is is clear sign that it was a powerful explosion.

According to the US intelligence agencies, the satellites sensed the heat flash over Sinai when the plane was crashing. No evidence has been found of any rocket launch from the ground so the theory of a ground attack has been totally denied.

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