Jack Reacher 3: Will There Be A Third Movie Starring Tom Cruise?

Jack Reacher 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Tom Cruise News & Updates
Jack Reacher 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Tom Cruise News & Updates

First released in 2012, Jack Reacher is based on a crime novel by Lee Child called One-Shot. It was nice to see a crime novel big-screen adaptation. We saw one of the most talented actors in the movie. We have seen various movies with their amazing lead in the movie series and it has always been better each time.

Tom Cruise performing stunts at his age is just one adding factor to the film. Fans didn’t accept J Reacher like any other action movie series that came out. It then made it difficult for the third film to come out. However, we have got some news for you. Let’s dive into the details.

Will there be a 3rd Jack Reacher movie?

Recently, a deal was signed between television divisions of Paramount and Skydance, the distribution and production company of Mission Impossible. They are set to produce a television series on Jack Ryan’s route where none of their films worked. However, the Jack Ryan TV series became a hit. (check: iZombie Season 6.)

So now, there is a possibility of a show coming out pretty soon under Jack Reacher as standalone. Hoping it will be a hit. The deals are signed and they are even looking for actors for the series. It looks like this time the series will be different than the movie. Nothing as of now has been announced about it so far.

We can expect news coming in anytime soon. So that means the sad news for the film franchise fans is that there won’t be the third part of this movie franchise, anytime soon at least. (check: ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast And Everything We Know So Far.)

What would be Jack Reacher 3 about? Plot

We have seen two novels adaption in the movie. It is likely that they will be adapting stories from the novels. They still have around 21 novels to make a series out of it. It is going to be based on Lee Child’s One-Shot. It may be mix and match. Chances are it will be portrayed in an anthology manner. They may or may not bring their own twists into the series. I guess we will have to wait for this one.

Who will be in Jack Reacher 3? Cast & Crew

Now that the movie is not going to be made again it is understandable, we won’t be seeing Tom Cruise again. It is said that the creators of the series are looking for somebody who will fit the description that has been laid in the book. As fans were disappointed that the character and the actor didn’t match.

As of now, there is no clear picture of who will be starring. However, it will be worth the wait to see who finally lands the role of Jack. The possibility is that there will be a completely new actor in the show. It looks like all the characters that will join the show will be looked at properly and mostly fit the description.

Christopher McQuarrie and Edward Zwick will not return for sure as they already have a successful run directing the films with Tom Cruise. As of now, it is known that Lee Childs will be in the production process of the TV show. He has already signed a deal for the television adaption. He could also serve as a screenwriter. We will update it as it happens.

When will Jack Reacher 3 release (date)? Premiere

So now that we know that the third film is not happening. It is safe to say that the TV series will come soon. However, as it has just been signed and given the time for the script, casting, location, etc. The show will not be on screens anytime soon. As of now, no certain date has been given. It looks like it will come in 2021. If things happen without any halt further.

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