Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2022 Forbes: How much is Amazon founder’s income salary a year & make in a day?

Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2022: How much is Amazon founder's income salary a year & make in a day?
Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2022: How much is Amazon founder's income salary a year & make in a day?

Jeffrey Preston Bezos aka Jeff Bezos, 58, is a renown entrepreneur, investor, computer engineer graduate and also a commercial astronaut. He is the founder and former CEO of the mammoth e-commerce company known as Amazon.

Jeff Bezos currently holds the net worth of 13,350 crores USD according Forbes 2022 List.

Jeff became a billionaire since 1999 – from the time amazon was introduced to the public, also by 2021 he surpassed Bill Gates too, be being the top 1 billionaire, evidently after 2021 SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon musk surpassed him becoming No.1 by putting Bezos at number 2 position.

Furthermore, Jeff had a net worth of $200 billion, but after getting divorced in 2019 he had to share his half of the wealth with his ex-wife, Mackenzie Scott to which he also shared his 16% of stakes of amazon to her. Provided Jeff also sold off his $8.8 billion worth of his stocks in the year 2021, which makes him a stake holder less than a 10% in the company.

Jeff Bezos Early Life

Jeff Bezos was born to Jeffery Preston Jorgensen and Ted Jorgensen on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His parents were in their teens when Jeff was born, soon the divorced and his mother married to a Cuban immigrant Miguel Bezos and when Jeff was 4 years old, he was adopted by Miguel and further Jeff changed his surname from Jorgensen to Bezos.

While the family moved to Miami, Jeff Bezos use to work in McDonald’s in his breakfast shift, while then he attended his classes and soon after year he graduated from Princeton university with bachelors in electrical and computer science engineering with a score of 4.2 GPA

Soon after the graduation he opted for various job opportunities and while kept on switching he worked for Fitel, financial technology firm, which was headed by D.E. Shaw and Co. and shifted his field into banking.

While he left the firm four years later, he was appointed as the senior vice president of the same firm, also while working in the firm he met his future wife and then he got an idea of starting a e-commerce business through websites access, and that’s when he launched an online bookstore solely named as Amazon.

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How Amazon profits Jeff Bezos

On 16 July 1995, from a garage in Seattle he started selling books online where at times even he uses to pack the boxes and go for delivering it personally to the customers.

After doing it for couple of years he started growing and started selling household items too, around the globe for it’s every customer and slowly amazon surpassed $100 Billion sales record in a day. On today’s date amazon is holding the valuation of $1.6 trillion approximately.

So, with amazon even Jeff had grown simultaneously and on today’s date amazon holds a net worth of $1114.66 Billion.

Bezos currently holds 50 million amazon shares, which also represents his 10% of outstanding shares, apart from this he also gave 20 million shares to his ex-wife against the divorce settlement, also he cashed out a few hundreds or thousands of shares nearly which he has it or gifted nearly in 2022.

It even states that Jeff takes a lot of care for his employees and also shares his side of earnings into charity too, as he is wealthy enough to get into a controversy and look after the charities also.

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Investment of Jeff Bezos

While Jeff Bezos left D.E. Shaw and Co, he was the youngest president of the firm. He left the job when the worldwide web was growing annually 2,300%, and so by seeing that as an opportunity he started his e-commerce company.

Bezos made an early investment in Google that was in the year 1998 of about $250,000 and today even Google is working under his parent company Alphabet. With this Bezos also founded a company in 2005 that is Jeff expeditions which looks after his personal expenses.

Some of the sectors Jeff invested were real estate, technology, charitable trusts and foundations. He also invested in bio tech companies to treat the severe chronic illness.

In 2013, Washington Post, an American daily newspaper was going through a financial set back and at that time Bezos had taken over the firm worth $250 million, and the acquisition was done by one of his founded company Nash LLC.

In the year 2008, he made an early investment of $15 million in Twitter and with that he made famous investments in AirBnB and Uber technologies too. Jeff Bezos has also invested in an Indonesian e-commerce start-up named as Ula, so that he can increase his business in the respective region as well.

Jeff also invested in his passion project that is Blue Origin, a human space flight in 2000. Though with all these he is been rigorously investing in private companies also.

All the details stated by Yahoo Finance.

Bezos Retires as CEO of Amazon

As everyone is aware the company was founded on 5th July 1994, an exactly on their 27th anniversary Jeff Bezos retired as the CEO of amazon which gave him the recognition for decades.

Though after his retirement he majorly concentrated on his passion project blue origin, which is a human space flight, also giving his entire time and efforts into sending rockets into space and even his ships. Through Blue origin he is also able to send celebrities into the orbit for example: – William Shatner known as “Captain Kirk”.

Jeff Bezos Charitable giving’s

As the billionaires are keen into investing for the charitable trusts but Jeff Bezos is not known to donate much like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, eventually Jeff also denied in participating in the initiative led by his ex-wife Mackenzie Scott which was Giving the Pledge. Although in this initiative, billionaires pledge to donate their half of their wealth throughout their lifetime or after their death.

But in 2010 Bezos donated a huge amount of chunk that is $10 million to start his charitable company which is Jeff Earth Fund as this is a non-profitable organization which supports and helps people to fight against climate change. Bezos also donated $100 million donation to Covid-19 response fund in America.

Jeff Bezos real estate portfolio

Bezos took over corn ranch in Van Horn Texas in 2004 from attorney Ronald Stansy, who spent millions in renovating his property. Corn ranch today is used as base operations for Blue Origin the aerospace company founded by Jeff in 2000.

Bezos also owns a Spanish style mansion in Beverly hills which consists of seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms also with ample space for gardening a six-car garage, a swimming pool a lawn tennis court and etc. He keeps on increasing his real estate portfolio.

In 2016 Jeff purchased a huge sprawling mansion which was termed as one of the largest houses in all of Washington D.C., according to the Washington post which merely consists of 27,000 sq. ft for $23 million.

In 2021 Bezos further invested in Manhattan mega area mansion in early spring and also, he has purchased $78 million compound located on La Perouse Bay.

Jeff Bezos Luxury’s Interest

Jeff owns two private jets – Gulf Airstream for his personal travel needs and he has paid $5.5 million to Boeing Hangar to park his aircrafts in 2015.

It is all about the timing maybe in coming days he can again reach at number one position by sliding Musk, owner of Tesla and founder of SpaceX down.

Also there’s a song made on Jeff Bezos by Bo Burnham, so you can even listen to it through any of the music applications.

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