Does Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Want Kindergartners To Learn ‘Sexual Positions’?

Does Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Want Kindergartners To Learn 'Sexual Positions'?

The twitter viral post of Femme claimed the Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction “hates the Bible so much, she is being sworn in with her hand on a Dr. Seuss book. She wants to start kindergartners learning masturbation and sexual positions!”

In the tweet, the first paragraph is true as when she began her journey in the office, and she took an oath of a book titled Too Many Moose. She revealed that reason that she has a personal connection with the book, according to a report by

As per the constitution, religious tests for the elected offices are not acceptable. The tradition of taking the oath of Bibles is no more mandatory, and no book is needed for an oath.

Coming to the book Too Many Moose, this book is not by Dr Seuss as the tweet claims. Hoffman is a former teacher, loves what her students love. She said this book “has lot of sentimental value to me because this is my students’ favorite book.” Hoffman never said publically that she hates the Bible.

Does Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Want Kindergartners To Learn ‘Sexual Positions’?

In 2019, Kathy Hoffman brought some changes to sex education law from State Martin Quezada to the state’s board of education. The primary thing she proposed to change was the vanishing of the requirement for classes that “shall not include the teaching of abnormal, deviate, or unusual sexual acts and practices”.

She suggested to replace it with the compulsion for courses to “be medically and scientifically accurate.” She also suggested teaching students to get proper learning about sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them. But the Arizona Board of Education rejected the proposal.

In Arizona, sex education is optional, and parents can decide whether to opt their children for such courses or not. As per the law in Arizona, an appropriate age is a requirement to get sex education. But it doesn’t give a clear indication of the appropriate age.

The state law also has the requirement for sex-ed curriculums “[s]tress that pupils should abstain from sexual intercourse until they are mature adults.” As per this, for kindergartners, there are no chances for them to have a lesson on topics like masturbation or sec positions.

However, even if Hoffman wanted the inclusion of these topics for early age students, then she won’t be able to do that as the sex-ed curriculums are totally in the hands of school boards locally.

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