Kawach 17th July 2016: Manjulika and Sudamini threatens Pari to kill one of the family members today

Kawach 17th July 2016: Pari sees Rajbeer’s watch on accident spot and enters into a cave listening to his voice. She sees Rajbeer lying inside a circle and sees Manjulika doing some black magic. Manjulika says I can’t save her as I am a soul. Pari enters the circle and her thread breaks down.

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Manjulika enters her body. Rajbeer wakes up and asks where are they. Pari says she came searching him. They go to their home. The ceremony continues at home. They enter. Janki sees Rajbeer and asks. He says it’s just a minor injury. Janki calls Saroj. Saroj comes.

She introduces her to Omkar. Sudamini thinks her enemy is standing in front of her. She goes. Pari talks to her. Natasha hears Pari calling Saroj as a mom. She tells this to Shakti. Shakti jokes on her.

Kawach 17th July 2016
Kawach 17th July 2016

Heera and Bhaironath reach their house. They see Pari and say Manjulika has entered in Pari’s body. Bhaironath says we have to free Pari. They follow her to her room. Bhaironath starts chanting mantras on Pari’s body. Manjulika shouts and calls Sudamini.

Kawach 17th July 2016 Written Updates

Sudamini comes and enters Pari’s body. She says now we both are in her body and no one can separate us. Bhaironath still chants mantras. They take both evils in bottles. Bhaironath says I will bury these evil spirits in the soil of mountains.

Rajbeer comes into his room and sees Pari lying on the bed in the unconscious state. He sends them out. Bhaironath takes them to a mountain. The bottle falls and they get free. They take him to the old haveli.

Sudamini says he has put me in the suitcase grave and she would not leave him now. She kills him. The lamps and havan fire blows off in hanuman temple. She frightens. Bhaironath’s spirit comes and says try have killed him and only Pari can save the family from these evil spirits so she should help her.

Kawach 17th July 2016
Kawach 17th July 2016

Sudamini goes to her tantrik mentor and says with his help she killed her another enemy. He says he will charge from her now else he will destroy her spirit. He gives her a list of members of Bundela family and asks to bring their dead body.

Sudamini promises to bring those people’s dead body. Pari wakes up remembering Manjulika and Sudamini entering her body. She sees Rajbeer next to her. Rajbeer tells he sent two people who were harming her and says they will never return.

Pari gets happy thinking them to be Manjulika and Sudamini. She says now we will celebrate Shreya’s engagement. Both go to get ready. Sudamini goes and holds Dadi’s hand. Dadi turns and sees Saroj. She asks her.

Saroj says she wants all the family member’s Kundli to do a protection measure. She says to get them from her room’s safe. She goes there and finds Manjulika waiting for her.  She searches the kundalis and gets one match. She says now she will kill that person.

Pari wears a beautiful saree. Rajbeer ties her blouse lace. Manjulika fumes. Manjulika and Sudamini surround her and says don’t one out of the 9 family members will die today. Manjulika says one member’s Kundli is missing and asks if she can save him/her. Pari gets shocked.

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