Home Entertainment Kawach 19th June 2016: Manjulika marries Rajbeer and enters Pari’s body to spend time with Rajbeer

Kawach 19th June 2016: Manjulika marries Rajbeer and enters Pari’s body to spend time with Rajbeer


Kawach 19th June 2016: The episode starts with Rajbeer saying that he does not love Pari. Pari hears her and says she breaks her engagement. She leaves. Rajbeer starts packing his clothes and says he will live with her girlfriend. Mom try to stop him.

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Manjulika wears the bridal dress and tells her mother’s grave that she is marrying Rajbeer. She starts chanting black magic and calls Rajbeer. Rajbeer comes with a eunuch lady. Manjulika shouts at her to go. Pari comes.

Manjulika tells her that she made a man this dog. Pari runs to the jungle. She says that a witch is after Rajbeer. The lady tells her that if the dog’s hair fall in Havan the witch will die. She comes back and jumps over Havan.

Kawach 19th June 2016:
Kawach 19th June 2016:

The dog falls into it and gets burnt. Manjulika also burns. Rajbeer gets up and she takes him to home. Pari tells the family that how a witch was after Rajbeer and how she saved her. Rajbeer says he doesn’t believe all this. She says she also didn’t but know she does.

Kawach 19th June 2016 Written Updates

She thanks the eunuch lady. The lady says she os going out so keep her sindhoor box. She says the evil may come so be careful. Natasha says bad about Pari. Mom hears her and scolds her. She says if sje does the same again she will be out.

In the next morning Pari sees the bath tub filling and nobody around. She scares. Rajbeer comes from behind and hugs her. She asks her to leave her. Dadi comes and catches them. They shy. Dadi asks them to enjoy and not forget to lock the door.

Pari runs in shyness and collides with Natasha. Natasha yells and says she spilt her costly dress. Arush hears this and comes. He sends Natasha and appologizes from Pari. She says it’s ok they are a family now.

Kammo dadi takes her son to the store room and asks him to portray out Manjulika’s mother. He burns in anger and says no one will come here without my permission. Pari sees Manjulika with a lot of burn wounds. She asks her. She says she came to say sorry.

Kawach 19th June 2016:
Kawach 19th June 2016:

She says she saw Rajbeer and became mad for him. She starts blackmailing her emotionally. She asks the color of her bridal dress. Pari asks why is she asking. She says as she wanted to attend their wedding. She allows her. Eunuch lady prays to god for Park’s protection.

Marraige starts and Rajbeer comes in his dress. Pari comes and sits next to him. She sees Manjulika in same dress. She tells this to Rajbeer. Rajbeer sees no one there. Next she sees Manjulika sitting next to her. She again tells Rajbeer. Rajbeer says look there is your niece.

Manjulika disappears. Marraige starts. Pandit asks them to exchange the garlands. Pari sees Manjulika and Rajbeer exchanging the garlands. Pheraas start. She again sees Rajbeer and Manjulika doing pheraas. Pandit asks Rajbeer to put sindhoor on Pari’s forehead.

She sees Rajbeer putting sindhoor on her forehead. Pari falls down. Everyone rushes to her. The marraige is over and Pari rests on the bed. She again sees Manjulika. She asks why is she here she just invited her to the marraige.

She says she will call the family. Manjulika says she is a witch and only she can see her. Manjulika says now she will spend time with Rajbeer through her body.


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