Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2016: Pragya sees Nikhil wearing burkha and meeting Tanu

Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2016: Previously in Kumkum Bhagya everyone reaches to Abhi’s concert and everything is ready to trap Tanu’s boyfriend. Akash catches Alia and warns her not to do anything but she replies she has come to meet sponsors.

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2016

Dadi prays everything to be fine. Abhi starts his drama and lies on the sofa for a small nap and Pragya allows him to have his time. Abhi says boss doesn’t have a complaint then no one should have. Purab is worried why Abhi isn’t ready yet. Pragya demands guards and tells her to get 30-40 kg tomatoes and eggs and asks to distribute in the crowd.

So’ that they can throw them on stage for being late. She even asks him to distribute money and says to suggest crowd to throw their slippers too. Abhi gets annoyed and starts to get ready. Purab demands Pragya to drop her plan. Alia is afraid of tight security. She plans to spoil Abhi’s mike and music system so, that he can’t sing.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2016 Written Updates

Tanu is pissed off since Pragya isn’t picking her call and making her dance in her tones. Pragya hears everything and says here I’m helping you and you’re abusing me! And claimsher to be selfish. Tanu apologizes and asks if she gets any call from Blackmailer. Pragya replies she’s been helping her selflessly only for Abhi and signs Ronnie to call her becoming Blackmailer. Ronnie does and asks her to meet after 30 min.

Tanu demands for a new place to meet Blackmailer claiming it to be so conjusted. Pragya yells what are you afraid of, you didn’t commit any crime! Tanu says he could have my bad pictures. Pragya strictly denies her to ask money from her and asks where she hide the money bag?

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2016

Abhi reaches on stage and greets his fans very nicely and tells he’s very happy to be back and says he loves them all. He starts his concert with song Shaame Malang Si.

Sarla could see Nikhil in midst of crowd and alerts Dadi and Ronnie. Tanu makes a phone call to Nikhil and shouts at him for being useless, third class etc. Nikhil appears in burkha and asks Tanu if Blackmailer called? Tanu tells him that she will ask Pragya to call Blackmailer and ask him to meet some other place. Nikil tells her to suggest Pragya to call Blackmailer to vanity van.

Tanu tells Pragya to call him to vanity van. Pragya tells everything to Purab. Purab asks her to be relax as they have fixed camera in van too. Purab says that would be really easy to see her boyfriend in van. Sarla is reacting again. Pragya comes out of the CCTV room thiking maa must have seen someone. She watches Tanu walking with a man in burkha and wonders where they are headed to?

As Nikhil removes his veil pragya sees his face. She wonders if it’s her doubt and remembers Tanu and Nikhil together.

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