Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2016: Nikhil and Tanu gets successful in their plan but Mitali hears them

Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2016: The Episode starts with Abhi entering the room in anger and throws Pragya’s photo off the wall. He says I will never forget this day. He says I saw love in your eyes for me but you betrayed me. Pragya falls down crying. Abhi also cries remembering her dance.

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Sarla says I think Pragya is not well, she came in my dream and was upset. She says I am making laddoos for her and will give them to the guard. Janki says don’t worry call Pragya. She says no I won’t call her.

Janki says then she will ask her to send the servants. Sarla says ok I will box of laddoos for Pragya. Tanu and Nikhil are talking in a room. Tanu says I can’t believe the plan worked so well. Nikhil says it’s all your magic. Tanu says Pragya herself accepted the affair.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2016

She says she is a big emotional fool and portrays herself as the queen of sacrifice. Nikhil says she has damaged her room beyond repair. He says Abhi could bear a money loss but not love loss. Mitali asks Champak for juice. He denies.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2016 Written Updates

Mitali asks her about snacks. He says thank you but I am not hungry. Tai Ji calls her. She asks not to let him sit on their heads. Mitali says Champak is our God now as he has affair with Pragya and she has also accepted it.

She says now he will rule us so we should treat him well. Tai Ji brings snacks for him. Mitali thinks she had stolen her idea. Aakash tells Dadi and Pragya that Champak is Nikhil and Tanu’s puppet. Rachna says but no one will trust us and also he will not accept his lie.

Dadi asks Pragya why she accepted that he is her boyfriend when everyone knew that she was lying and why you put blame on yourself. Why you created such a big misunderstanding. Pragya says what should I have done then.

She says I was very happy knowing that Abhi was going to propose me. She says it would have been a new life for me. She says it meant that he realised my love for him and also got to know that I am her fuggi who had hidden within the Mogambo.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2016

She said I beared so much for him. I did so much for him. She says and he believed on Tanu and not on his wife. She says what kind of love was this which can develop doubts so easily. Dadi cries hearing her.

She said he even believed that I am having an affair. She says I can’t have happiness in my life ever. Dadi hugs and cries. Dadi says I am thinking about Abhi’s fear. Aakash says Tanu and Nikhil must be celebrating their victory.

Nikhil throws money to Champak. Champak says it was an easy task for me as I just answered Tanu’s questions. Nikhil says you did a big role man. Champak asks I have a question that why Tanu called her girlfriend of Abhi when she is your girlfriend.

Nikhil asked him to go home and enjoy. He says yes I will go home and will enjoy with my wife. Mitali hears their conversation. She says so Champak was Nikhil and Tanu’s puppet. Dadi asks Pragya to go and take rest in her room.

Pragya denies going in that room. Pragya says I can’t face that man who can doubt on me. Dadi says it’s all done by Tanu. Dadi says Tanu just wants to separated you two forever. She says you must go there and face him. She says you can’t leave my Abhi for even a single day else Tanu will take big benefit of him.


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